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AUSD Measure E Campaign Mailer Angers Voters

Earlier this week, readers contacted Action Alameda News to express anger about a Measure E campaign mailer sent by Alameda Unified School District Superintendent Kirsten Vital.

“This looks like illegal campaign material,” one voter, who didn’t want his name published, told Action Alameda News, “that is promoting passage of Measure E right up to, but stopping just short, of saying ‘Vote Yes on Measure E.'” The mailer reproduces much of the material in the AUSD ballot language, below, including a reference to the $659/year new tax for residential homeowners; State law forbids the District from spending District funds on campaign-related material unless the information provided is impartial.

When asked, Superintendent Vital told Action Alameda News that “The mailer is an informational newsletter with stories about AUSD.”

AUSD March 2010 Parcel Tax Ballot

2 comments to AUSD Measure E Campaign Mailer Angers Voters

  • Karen Zimmerman

    Those who object to this letter can file a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

  • Alameda voters are kept in the dark by local media regarding the real debate going on nationally about American education, why a country that spends far more per pupil than any other nation on earth regularly has student performance in the bottom third. There is a wonderful article in the 5/17 New York Times Magazine, “The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand,” detailing why the nations largest and most powerful unions can retain lifetime job security and absolute seniority in the face of layoffs for their members, and the consequences for our educational system.

    President Obama and his secretary of education, Arne Duncan, have challenged that lack of accountability with their “Race to the Top” program, which encourages more charter schools, accountability of teachers tied to their income and retirement benefits and in part to student test scores, i.e., “Merit Pay.” Only in Alameda could so many school supporters be so mislead and so ignorant of the hot debate on the national stage!