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SunCal Begins Billing Itself as SCC Alameda Point LLC in Alameda

In online display ads and print ads in the local newspaper, SunCal has begun reaching out to Alameda residents under the name “SCC Alameda Point LLC.”

“SCC Alameda Point LLC” is the legal name of the special purpose entity that SunCal created to redevelop Alameda Point. As we have reported previously, SunCal CEO Bruce Elieff has sworn in court documents that SCC Acquisitions Inc. is the “parent entity in an integrated network of companies that operate under the common dba [doing business as] “the SunCal Companies” or “SunCal.”

The internet links in the advertisements lead to a website that includes press releases from SunCal, and the following notices:


Irvine Office // 2392 Morse Avenue // Irvine, CA 92614 // T: (949) 777-4000 // F: (949) 777-4050 Oakland Office // 300 Frank H. Ogawa Place Ste. 342 // Oakland, CA 94612 // T: (510) 251-0711

The Irvine address is that of SunCal’s headquarters, or SCC Acquisitions Inc., and the Oakland address is the local address for SunCal in the Bay area.

3 comments to SunCal Begins Billing Itself as SCC Alameda Point LLC in Alameda

  • Anonymous

    Whoa!! Does this mean the old SUNCAL at Alameda Point and its various constituent parts is already bankrupt?

    How do we know what entities made up the old SUNCAL, and which entities make up the new SUNCAL?

  • No. What it means is that SunCal knows that the name “SunCal” is tarnished in Alameda, so they are just marketing themselves under the entity name. SCC Alameda Point LLC has for some time been the precise technical name for the company that wants to develop Alameda Point – it’s controlled by SunCal and DE Shaw, and managed by SunCal. “SunCal” and “SunCal Companies” are just brand names they are “doing business as” (dba).

    We have asked the City of Alameda and SunCal’s Frank Faye for an explanation of the relationships between the various entitites – SCC Alameda Point LLC, Cal Land Venture LLC, WM Development Group LLC – etc. But neither has responded.

    From a 2008 City of Alameda staff report:

    “The Developer is proposing to transfer ownership of SCC Alameda Point LLC to a new entity called Cal Land Venture, LLC (Cal Land). Cal Land is a joint venture of D. E. Shaw Real Estate Portfolios 20, LLC (D. E. Shaw) and WM Development Group, LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of SunCal (SunCal).”

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t get it. Why all the name game playing? “A rose by any other name is still a rose”. A morally and financially bankrupt greedy developer with no concern about the impacts of the development it leaves in its wake on the way to the bank, is still a morally and greedy bankrupt developer.

    Why doesn’t SUNCAL get it that Alameda is an island and not a mass transit oriented community? Since GM sold us the bill of goods to get rid of the Key System no one, but no one uses mass transit unless they absolutely have to. Take for example the Loma Prieta earthquake. It did more to force use of mass transit than any incentives, or theories of the transit troglodytes. But when roads were restored, back to the cars everyuone went. Take all these supporters of Measure E. They drive their children to and from school, because mass transit is too dangerous for the youngsters. Except for the 400 out of district children that AUSD needs to fill their schools. They have access to free bus passes so they take AC Transit from Oakland.