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Expenditure Plan for New Vehicle Registration Tax

The Alameda County Congestion Management Agency has released a draft report on the expenditure plan for a new vehicle registration fee, which some people are calling a “tax.”

The Agency plans to place a $10 per year per vehicle registration fee on the November 2010 ballot and expected to raise over $11 million per year, if approved by voters; the expenditure plan will guide the Agency’s annual use of the funds raised. The agency says that all of the funds raised would be used exclusively for transportation in Alameda County.

Through March and April, the Agency held a number of public workshops on the proposed fee, to solicit public comment, throughout Alameda County. Among the public comments categorized as “general,” the Agency noted that the public wanted the money distributed equitably throughout the County, and that it really amounts to a “tax” despite the “fee” name.

• Consider adding a sunset provision to help ensure accountability.
• Minimize spending on VRF administration.
• Funding should be equitably distributed throughout the County.
• Although this is called a “fee,” it is really a tax.

The full draft report is included below.

ACCMA Draft Report VRF Expenditure Plan

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