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Alameda Boatworks Project Comes Before Planning Board Again Tomorrow

Dear Editor,

The Boatworks project will be discussed again at the next Planning Board meeting on Monday May 24th at 7:00 pm at the Alameda City Hall, 3rd floor. Let them know what you think they should do about Estuary Park.

The Staff Report on the Boatworks Project is now available.

The Staff Report, which outlines the city’s proposal for the Boatworks project, recommends changing the 1991 General Plan by removing references to Estuary Park and replacing them with the text shown in bold face type in the attached PDF document. Of special importance: the recommended changes include provisions allowing the city to be able to lease our shoreline land to private groups — probably for more marinas — and to use money received from leasing shoreline land in our neighborhood to provide shoreline access and parks in someone else’s neighborhood.

Basically, the Staff recommends removal of the concept of Estuary Park (now referred to as the Northern Waterfront Park) originally described in the Master Plan in 1991.

The basis for this change, staff claims, is that the City has no money to purchase land for the park, though the city has done little to obtain grant money from the many organizations dedicated to preserving open space. (The success of such organizations are well described in the book by U.C. professor Richard Walker, “The Greening of the Bay Area.”)

Page 11, items 6 and 7 of the Staff Report on the Boatworks Project also says:

(6) “If the application qualifies for a density bonus and the applicant
requests a waiver from the multifamily residential prohibition, then 26
units would be constructed in a multi-family configuration at the
corner of Oak and Clement.

(7) The height limit shall be three stories or 38 feet for all
structures except the multifamily structure. The multifamily structure
shall not exceed 4 stories or 50 feet.

This means we’ll have a 50-foot apartment building at the corner of Oak and Clement.

Alameda Boatworks General Plan Changes, with Comments

— Joe Woodard, Alameda

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