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AUSD Settles Slip and Fall Case for $25,000

Through records obtained through the California Public Records Act, Action Alameda News has learned that the Alameda Unified School District has settled a lawsuit over a “slip and fall” accident at Paden School for $25,000

Sameerah Greenwood, a parent of a student at Paden School, filed a lawsuit against the District in June of 2009, alleging the District’s negligence in mopping up a puddle of water in front of a refrigerator at the school led her to slip on the water and fall, sustaining injuries. In her court filing, Ms. Greenwood claimed personal injury and other damages in excess of $25,000 She also alleged that the District and its employees were negligent in allowing a dangerous condition on public property to exist. The accident occurred September 29, 2008.

A release statement signed by Greenwood and her attorney, and obtained by Action Alameda News, shows that Greenwood discharged her claims against AUSD for a payment of $25,000, payable to herself and her law firm.

The case was dismissed in April.

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