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Gray 1 CPB LLC Claim Against SunCal and Bruce Elieff Rises to Over $9 million

Court minutes released this week from the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, show that the plaintiffs in Gray 1 CPB, LLC v. SCC Acquisitions, Inc. have increased their total claim against SunCal and SunCal’s CEO Bruce Elieff to $9,165,465.22

Previously, Action Alameda News reported that the real estate investment fund, Gray 1 CPB LLC, in San Diego, had obtained a $7.9 million pre-judgment writ of attachment against SunCal’s parent company, SCC Acquisitions, Inc. and against SunCal CEO Bruce Elieff’s personal property. The writ of attachment is subject to a court trial, which has been taking place this past week in Orange County; should Gray 1 CPB LLC succeed, they could use the local sheriff to seize the assets in the writ to satisfy the claim, now over $9 million. The assets specified in the writ include residences owned by SunCal’s CEO and SCC Acquisitions, Inc. itself.

The jury trial is likely to continue into next week. The case is number 30-2008-00112660-CU-CO-CJC in Orange County Superior Court.

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