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SunCal Donations Include $5,000 to Political Action Committee “Keep Alameda Schools Excellent”

Documents recently released by the City of Alameda to provide transparency on SunCal’s expenses related to Alameda Point show a $5,000 contribution in May of 2010 to Keep Alameda Schools Excellent, the political action committee organized by Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees President Ronald Mooney to support the passage of Measure H in 2008. Mr. Mooney has confirmed the contribution.

According to a City of Alameda document released on June 8th that provides the most recent summary of deposits and withdraws from SunCal’s escrow account with the City, SunCal made a $5,000 payment to Keep Alameda Schools Excellent (KASE) on May 11, 2010. Keep Alameda Schools Excellent was the name of the political action committee (PAC) organized by AUSD Board Trustee Ronald Mooney in 2008 to press for the passage of Measure H, the previous AUSD parcel tax. According to campaign filing documents (see below) Mr. Mooney was the Treasurer for KASE.

Excerpt of SunCal Escrow Document Showing Donation to Keep Alameda Schools Excellent

At the time, Mr. Mooney was not on the AUSD Board. However, when he ran for the Board of Trustees, Mooney listed on his website his work as Treasurer for Measure H as evidence of his leadership in the community:

In Alameda, I am an advocate for public education as a volunteer actively supporting our teachers and students. My record of leadership and dedication to our community, businesses, and schools includes:

Alamedans for Better Schools — Measure A (2001 & 2005) Co-Chair
Keep Alameda Schools Excellent — Measure H Treasurer

Earlier this month, the PAC that supports the latest AUSD Parcel Tax, Measure E, Alamedans Protecting Learning at Underfunded Schools (APLUS) reported that SunCal had made a $20,000 contribution to their campaign coffers via their local special purpose entity, SCC Alameda Point LLC. APLUS operates the same campaign website that KASE did in 2008. (The APLUS campaign filing that covers the date of the $5,000 contribute to KASE, May 11, 2010, does not include a record for a $5,000 contribution from SunCal.)

Mr. Mooney told Action Alameda News that “‘KASE’ is not involved in the Measure E campaign and has not spent any money on it, APLUS is running that campaign to my knowledge.” As of press time, he had not responded to a question asking what the money is for.

The City of Alameda’s online campaign disclosure web page has no current filings for KASE, and the City of Alameda had not responded by press time to an online request made Wednesday for a copy of all KASE related campaign filings.

Kase Filing 2008 Form 410

2 comments to SunCal Donations Include $5,000 to Political Action Committee “Keep Alameda Schools Excellent”

  • Well, we now all know that the promise of KASE, “Keep Alameda Schools Excellent” was never delivered. Alameda schools are mediocre at best, as detailed on the test results of the California Department of Education’s website. A 67 percent district wide average achievement in language arts and math skills, a 50 percent proficiency for West Side schools, a 31 percent proficiency district-wide in algebra, 52 percent proficiency in history, 39 percent in high school chemistry and worse. When you exclude the East Side schools, proficiency scores drop into the 20-30 percent average and lower.

    KASE did not deliver, and Ron Mooney has failed as a Trustee of the Alameda Unified School District Board, and currently as its president. More money will not change the quality of education in AUSD schools. Only accountability, removal of tenure and seniority and the rewarding of Merit Pay will do that.

  • Note that AUSD is supposed to be negotiating with SunCal too re: financing for new schools in SunCal’s proposed development plan for Alameda Point.

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