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Updated Measure E Results

As of 2:50 p.m. today, Measure E had 14,415 votes, or 65.62% of the votes cast, falling short of the required 2/3rds supermajority to win passage. This includes additional ballots from Alameda City Hall and the Registrar of Voters office not counted last night.

Yes 14,415 (65.62%)
No 7,551 (34.38%)
Total 21,966

5 comments to Updated Measure E Results

  • Anonymous

    I expect that the parents and school administrators will immediately ask how can we can come together and work something out to save AUSD from the impending budget cuts. Fairly.

    After proposing an unfair tax aimed at keeping schools fully staffed – as opposed to focusing on CORE education, mounting a divisive campaign, threatening legitimate opposition, name calling, writing letters that chastise opponents at the very least, and generally appealing to the baser instincts of self-preservation through intimidation, it is time to just let AUSD carry through on all its threats. To expect the opponents of Measure E to open their wallets and say we are now ready to support a fair tax, is a bit much.

    AUSD and the parents lost a lot more than an election. They lost the appearance of really caring for what is best for all Alamedans, not just themselves.

  • In their press release today, AUSD said that no schools will close for the upcoming 2010/11 school year. That gives them time to try to pass another parcel tax, and/or for State funding conditions to improve for the better: “The Board of Education will convene a special meeting on June 29, 2010 to provide staff with direction as to the implementation of Plan B in the Master Plan. This will likely mean that school closure and/or reconfiguration planning process will begin in the fall of 2010 with actual closures occurring in the 2011/2012 school year.”

  • john

    By the #s I would say what voting alamedans wanted was for measure e to pass. The 2/3rds supermajority just gives retards like you guys a chance to sink an important and necessary tax.

  • We didn’t actually even need a parcel tax. Guys like “John on” who think it’s so important could just pay that $659/year anyway, through AEF and the PTAs. I’d all 7,550 of those who votes yes would just put their money where their mouths are, that would be over $9 million a year. That way, with a modest salary cut, AUSD would be able to get by just fine, without all of us “retards!”

    And you know who you are! Save AUSD/APlus/DMinus the half mill they spent on a useless and failed election by being Stand Up Guys!


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