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Measure E Fails

by Dennis Green

With only half of Alameda’s registered voters concerned enough by the supposed plight of the schools to even vote at all, less than two thirds of those voted “Yes,” only 35 percent of registered voters, defeating the initiative. Measure E would have given this island city some of the highest school taxes in the Bay Area, if not the nation. It would have cost homeowners $659 a year, and commercial property owners as much as $9,500 per year per parcel. It would have raised $14 million a year for eight years on top of the $80 million a year going to the schools from regular property taxes.

I’ve already taken down my “No on E” yard sign. For one thing, it’s not polite to gloat, and for another, I expect a vicious and violent backlash from sore losers who exhibited such behavior during the campaign. Yard signs opposing the new tax have been stolen or defaced. Merchants displaying “No on E” window signs have been threatened with boycotts. One immigrant store owner was cursed and told to “go back where you came from.”

These Gestapo tactics were meant to intimidate opponents of the school tax in the most bitter, divisive and undemocratic campaign conducted in this town in recent memory. Regardless of the final outcome, bad feelings are likely to linger for many months.

And so will school parcel taxes. In a “Heads I win/Tails you lose” strategy, the defeat of Measure E will leave in place two previous taxes, Measures A & H, until the end of 2012. Opponents expect AUSD to come at us again before they expire, with yet another parcel tax proposal. Funds leftover from the Measure H campaign already constitute a potential war chest for just such an effort.

Just a few months ago, Alameda voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative granting an Orange County developer, SunCal, exclusive rights to impose their plan on Alameda Point, site of the former Naval Air Station, without adequate compensation to the City. We voted 85% to 15% against the proposal.

Yet, SunCal has persisted in its negotiations with City “leaders” to proceed with nearly the very same plan — with only very modest changes to get around the ordinance limiting the size of new housing — in a brazen denial of voter’s clear message. So the precedent is there for the school district to do the same.

I have been very active and vociferous in the opposition to Measure E, writing many articles for publication in local newspapers and online news sites, as well as my own blog. And for exercising my First Amendment freedom of speech rights, I have been called a “curmudgeon,” “pathetic,” “misguided” and “”smelly, ignorant and intolerant.” As if I have no right to my opinion.

And that opinion is far better informed than most of the yahoos who have been insulting me. I have fourteen years experience as a classroom teacher, have thoroughly researched the need for Reform in America’s public education system, as well as finding data which refutes the claims that all our parcel taxes have produced “excellence” in our schools.

If anything, this campaign has kept my adrenalin levels fairly high, and that’s probably a good thing. Simultaneously fighting kidney failure and dialysis, the political knife fight has kept me on my toes, provided a useful distraction from the illness, and given me a deep sense of satisfaction in articulating my own views.

Now, we’ll see if all the doomsday scenarios come true, if half the schools are closed, 70 teachers laid off, and those remaining so discouraged by the voters clear message that they either slack off in their teaching or move to a more affluent district with higher pay rates, like Orinda.

31 comments to Measure E Fails

  • nomoretaxes

    Money would have solved the problem by now if money was the answer. It is not. The smart voters of Alameda are well aware of this; the previous parcel taxes have not solved the school district’s problems. Yes, we are all aware that the State has cut funding to all school districts & may continue to do so. Floating parcel taxes every time the State cuts funding is not the answer when there are plenty of other places to cut expenses in school districts starting with teacher, administrators & clerical staff’s salaries, benefits & pension plans.

  • Hot R

    I am sorry for the personal attacks and your illness. But in your zeal to make your points (as in calling your opponents “yahoos”) you and your allies personally attacked teachers and students, while claiming wasteful spending on lawsuits caused by you and your friends. You continually argued that the students were getting a poor education, and many of your allies made thinly veiled racist claims about drugs, guns, and crime being imported from Oakland to Alameda by out-of-district students. And although there will always be students who struggle in school, and teachers who are less than stellar in the classroom, Alameda delivered a much better education for the money than other communities in similar circumstances based on test scores and awards garnered by the District.

    Any student of American history would point out that stealing lawn signs, name calling, or angry exchanges between opponents are pretty mild in the panoply of politics. Admit it. You had fun winning. By the way, the teachers have already been laid off (May 15) due to State funding cuts and school closures will be announced June 29. You can see what the Board intends right now by going to the AUSD website. There is no secret. Based on the tenor of your rhetoric, I doubt that when schools do close you will admit that you were wrong in claiming the District was “crying wolf” when it threatened to close the schools. I guess I can read your mea culpa on your blog.

    And for the poster who wants pension plan cuts – teachers do not have a pension plan like police and fire, who can retire at 50 at $100,000 a year with full medical. You can read about that problem in the Chronicle’s coverage of Oakland and SF’s police and fire problems (coming to Alameda soon). The teacher pension plans are much different and run by the State, not Alameda. Check it out before you make such a claim again.

  • Hot R is apparently unconcerned with the physical attacks and intimidation by Measure E proponents, some of whom are rumored to be teachers themselves. Unconcerned also with the message that this sends to the children in the schools and the children of parents undertaking those parents. And just because stealing lawn signs may be prevalent, doesn’t make it right. What’s that old teachers’ trope “If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?”

    There are two state budget cycles to go before September 2011, and Hot R has already indicated that Measure E proponents plan to put another parcel tax on the ballot, even this year. If such a tax passes, it’s likely that no schools will close.

    In any event, the suggestion that schools will close for the 2011/12 school year is contrary to the pro-Measure E rhetoric that suggested imminent school closures.

    As for pensions, CalSTRS is one of the largest pension funds in the U.S. with over $132 billion under management, and a new $266 million building in Sacramento. Go to their website and read how their press release from last year explaining how they intend to go back to the legislature to ask for an increase in contributions from the State and local school Districts to make up the loss they suffered from their real estate investments.

  • Barb

    Were the lawsuits caused by the persons who filed suit, or by AUSD for implementing an unfair on its face, split tax that may go down the drain eventually?

    I have always understood that awards given schools by their peers are adjusted by socio-economic faactors, and test scores do not always reflect learning/teaching but ability to take tests.

    AUSD has too much plant for its sudent body, thats a fact. Importing students from outside brings problems for which AUSD and the City of Alameda have to cover additional costs. Although teachers and administrators don’t have the overly generous pensions of fire and police, they certainly can retire way before age 66 and retain their homes in Alameda on their pensions.

    Measure E as written did not even make the pretense of going to CORE education. Maintaining AUSD’s status quo in all other respects was what E was about.

  • The burning question seems to be if the Measure E proponents can actually move on and be civil and accept the vote did not go in their favor. Can the citizens of Alameda unite for a common goal of excellent schools? Or is it more important to stay in two camps, flinging poo or worse at each other and solving nothing to the detriment of the AUSD?

    I am not interested in gloating; but I AM happy this misguided, heavy-handed and divisive issue is behind us. I, for one, would like to coexist peacefully with my neighbors and work towards the best Alameda we can with what we have available.

  • The District is like a student staring at a problem question with the answer right in front of them, and not getting it. The business community told them what kind of parcel they would support – one that doesn’t implement a split-roll.

    The District has now spent about $90,000 on political consultants Erwin & Muir since late 2008, over $217,000 on legal fees defending Measure H in court, goodness knows how much money they spent on those glossy color mailers during the campaign – $15,000 a pop? And there were at least two broad mailings of them. $100,000 or more on the election itself? We’re up to over $400,000 in about 18 months. That would pay for a couple of teachers.

    Here are some thoughts about what the next parcel tax needs to look like to pass:

    o A more modest amount.
    o Not split-roll.
    o Presented only after the District cuts costs further – consolidating schools, temporary 10% pay hike for everyone in the District, saving $7 million to $9 million per year
    o Real accountability in the measure – funds specified for specific purposes, no “….including but not limited to…” language.
    o No sham “citizen oversight” committee.
    o No sham “parcel tax advisory group” to give the illusion of having community input.

    Any others?

  • Barb

    Fire the “General Counsel” and political consultants or fund them out of teachers,administrators and PTA personal contributions.

  • Smart voter

    Renegotiate Superintendent Vital’s salary, her 3% yearly pay increase got to go. She and all her Administrative staff have to take a 10% cut in pay.

    Get rid of the Inhouse Attorney, the high priced Webmaster and political consultants. Cut the fat and show the voters that AUSD can be fiscally responsible and then maybe you will pass the next tax.

  • Wilma Chan wants to save Woodstock Child Development center, but the webmaster (the daughter of AUSD Board Trustee Mike McMahon) should correct these spelling errors on the home page first. Talk about excellence in education!

    Woodstock Child Delevopment Center
    190 Singlton Ave.

  • Gadfly Santaclara

    One addition thing that would make me more likely to vote for such a tax is if there were no exemptions for people over a certain age.

    Seniors vote on the tax issue, but are not subject to it. If the idea is truly that we wish to excuse the less able to pay from having to pay it, then make the exemption based on income rather than age.

    A person of 66 with a paid-off house and a good, well-earned pension doesn’t have to pay the tax but a young person laid off from her tech job struggling to make house payments DOES? How does that make sense?

  • For me, as a retired classroom teacher, I would support a much more modest tax, with all of the above suggestions implemented, PLUS a free and open debate about tenure and seniority, two of the worst features of the current public school teaching profession. They both are there to protect the lousy teachers, not to guarantee either academic freedom or excellence in teaching.

    Moreover, one of the worst threats I heard during this bitter campaign was the implication that without this tax, teachers would not be able or willing to deliver their very best. Holding the kids and their education hostage is contrary to everything noble about teaching.

    Closing a few under-enrolled schools because of declining enrollment, if in fact that ever happens, will not be the end of the world. Nor will larger class sizes. My generation, and anyone over 50 attended larger schools, with more than 20 students per class, and we’ve done just fine. So…if AUSD comes back with another egregious tax proposal, complete with threats and dire warnings, and no debate about real quality, I will fight against it even harder than I have fought against Measure E.


  • nomoretaxes

    If the school district WASTES more good money on another parcel tax, then the entire Board of Education needs to go before McMahon, McMahon & McMahon creates jobs for the rest of his clan. The District’s technology department had plenty of people to create websites & did not need to employ a “webmaster.” So teachers are saying that they “will not be able to deliver their very best”? Any teacher that “threatens” this should be terminated; no different than the real world employees who will find themselves on the street for not doing their best. The district needs to look to sources of restricted funding, ie, ROP, to see if they can grab their funding for the basics, reading, writing & arithmetic. All of these ROP courses can be taken at the local community colleges that will provide actual certificates/degrees that students can use to obtain employment. For example, the ROP is offering medical high school classes to “introduce” students to the medical profession. While this is “nice to have” it is a luxury that AUSD cannot afford at this time. These students after graduation from high school, can attend the local community colleges, such a Merrit in Oakland & complete their various medical programs with certificates/degrees that will allow them gainful employment. This is merely an example & I am sure there are more. Every aspect of AUSD’s operating budget needs to be audited by an outside source which will undoubtly expose other areas of misappropriation of taxpayer’s dollars.

  • After a long and careful examination of the Woodstock website, I have to say that besides the spelling errors, it is one of the least attractive, uninviting and pedestrian web sites I have ever seen. And between my two stints in teaching, I worked as an editor and in marketing, owning my own boutique full-service ad agency for 20 years. I was “Creative Director” and worked closely with designers, photographers, illustrators and real webmasters. Mike Schmidt in Alameda is very good at it, and far less expensive than what AUSD is spending, for a mediocre site.

    I also visit probably a dozen different websites everyday in doing research for my blog. I feel sorry for Mike McMahon’s daughter, because there is nothing more public or subject to evaluation and criticism than a website. The best webmasters have a designer’s eye for composition, placement, layout, color, type font, and most importantly, how to direct viewers to links to other pages or related information. Ms. McMahon doesn’t have those skills, sorry to say. So once again, the hazards of family connections come back to bite everybody on the rear end.


  • Hot R

    Your website isn’t exactly an award winner either Mr. “Creative Director.” In fact you’ve done nothing with it. Minimalism? Copmposition? Placement? Layout? Face it, you wouldn’t be attacking McMahon if she wasn’t the daughter of one of your opponents. That type of back-door ad hominem attack isn’t exactly characteristic of someone who said they wouldn’t “gloat.”

    High school ROP classes provide another method to reach students who are not college material and give them a head start on life after high school – preventing them from dropping out. That type of choice is what schools should provide. And as far as your argument about taking classes in community college. Wake up! Community college classes have suffered drastic cuts in the budget crisis, and students are forced to wait to take classes they need. The whole system is in a meltdown caused by budget cuts.

    And who said teachers wouldn’t deliver their best? That is a ridiculous statement. With all due respect, your generation “retired teacher” did not teach students who speak 40 different languages, nor did your students consist of immigrants in the numbers in Alameda schools today. Nor did you have the training required of teachers today in teaching specially abled and students for whom English is not their first language. That is why reduced class size is important and teachers work harder today than ever before.

    But I guess none of these things are important as long as you can save $2 a day because these are someone else’s kids.

  • Last yer, the Board spend $14,000 through their $150/hour per partner political consultants Erwin & Muir to re-design the District’s website. At roughly the same time, they brought Rebecca McMahon on-board as a “webmaster” with responsibilities and a job description that suggest that she should have been capable of designing the website herself, or managing the contractors who did. She and the District gave conflicting accounts of her involvement in the re-design.

  • oh, HotR, as usual, you’re just blowing smoke our tat other orifice! My students at UCSB, Hayward State and UC Berkeley Extension were 50% minority and non-English speakers. UC Berkeley Extension its money from “Out of State”and especially foreign students, and my PR class of 45 students was heavily Eastern European. So what?

    Students are students. You make excuses about having minorities and non-English speaking students, and my students at Hayward State were not affluent at all, most of them working full time days so they could take my evening advertising classes.

    As for my website, it’s deigned by a professional magazine and website designer, and far superior to AUSD, and your critique just proves you wouldn’t know quality if you saw it! None of your comment hold water, but just make you sound like that typical sore loser. Now that you’re in the bottom of a hole, stop digging!

    Comments like yours make it impossible for me not to GLOAT! Neener, Neener, Neener! And up yours!


  • The Man Who Can Do Anything

    It’s ironic that you of all people try to start an argument on the internet when you can barely form a fluid statement, let alone a profound argument. It’s hard to take you seriously, especially since it’s coming from Mr. Green that’s allegedly attended a UC school that can’t even differentiate ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’. But since you are itching to see it put to rest, so be it.

    To be brief, you are a absurd, delusional man. Nobody I know disagrees with this. You crave drama. You are ignorant. You don’t understand that not everything is a problem, but you insist on treating every given situation like it needs fixing. You have no respect and no tact. And to top it off, you are a hypocrite to the highest degree. You think you know everything, down to the last detail; in reality, you know nothing. You epitomize the selfish, an ignorant brat who claims to have quite literally everything figured out. Let’s explore these claims.

    Let’s assume that Measure E did pass for more than just myself. Maybe I actually considered you to be an tolerant man who knows what he was doing that wants to make the community better. Or considered you a good man until you downright just started insulting those who just opposed you. I would offer at this point to suggest you ask anyone else who has gotten a teaching credential and became a teacher at AUSD in recent history if actual considerable amount of funding is required, but you have been raised in a rough time and these times are not as easily managed due to the economy. Allow me to save you the trouble of asking around; it is required. It is tenuous and time consuming. This is where you might classify money spent on taxes as an “waste”, when it really is a necessity. I don’t know how you make the jump from “actual needed funding” to “waste of money on taxes” when I am doing what most smart teachers do, making the best out of the economy in these rough times. Does it make sense to teach in any other way? Teaching in general is a waste of time due to the potential of ignorant naive people like you arguing and gloating around because they failed at teaching so hard that they have to blame the “teachers in general” as a problem. As a matter of fact, I did it by myself because nobody else would. I guess going the extra mile for the team doesn’t pay off after all. Don’t get it twisted, bro.

    It should also be noted that you had rough times in your childhood and struggled to pay off your tuition and debts while working at gas stations and etc, as you just did in another article. Yet, a week or so ago you made a sharp turn in the other direction claiming that you claim to of had a good education and have seen much better teaching from your past. Of course, in turn you contradict everything that you say depending on the articles and claim that Measure E voters are causing potential violence and insulted you when you clearly insulted them in the article above. Yet you call me the “sore loser”? You should stop and think about what you are about to say before you say it sometime; filtering might do you some good.

    As for the AUSD plan, I think you are just trying to include something about the school spending more money on another parcel plan. I do care any more than they do. I support the parcel tax because children are the future, they are the generations that have to face the roughest times in the world with the current state of the planet and economy, I want them to receive the best they possibly can. I know when the school needs support and know what it takes and as do the teachers in AUSD. But I’m sure you would like everyone to believe that were wasting money and additional money is not needed as you claim, so you have to include “the achievement gap”, and it’s only fitting you include something about you not getting a cake walk either just because you taught at college level. The real gold here is that it was a foregone conclusion that your statement that you are better than most people just because you love to gloat and graduated from a UC? Guess what that means? Translation: Jerk. So it doesn’t make much sense to claim that you are a superior individual when you are immature, ignorant, and a poor sad man. I have never seen anyone as sad as you are. Please go get a better life. No wonder your wife left you and you have so much illness, Karma must wants to bite you back.

    Oh, about that Parcel Tax. Sorry, buddy. I guess that one is finally out there for good. Too bad that is only until something else will rise up and take pride in what we all stand for, to say that have a better career and have had way more experience than anyone else, of course you would oppose the parcel tax because you love to talk about how good of a career you have and it’s clear you wouldn’t want to give others a chance as well. So legitimately, you are a terrible teacher. It makes sense, because you love to gloat about your achievements and fail at teaching. You better work on that, since you’ll probably be playing this game for years to come.
    Are you the reason that our world is dying to global warming as well? I wouldn’t put that past you.

    So who is “everyone” that you claim opposes Measure E? Your party and yourself? Your fighting against Measure E because you simply just don’t want minorities to past you, how racist some people can be in this world to oppose the children of minorities. That leaves you and the easily butt-hurt folks to talks shit because Measure E failed and he can fall back on knowing he’s no longer at risk from losing an argument because Measure E failed. And why are you opposing at Measure E anyways, Mr. Green? Because you have nothing to say without something powerful and official statement to back you up? Because of your past which clearly of to have lead you into this? Or is it because you enjoy drama and love to see those suffer? It’s funny, this is probably one of the reasons why. You gloat all you want because you have the official results to back you up and you claim to oppose it better than before.

    You say you love to gloat, Mr. Green? Then why do you have such a bad past? You are much more upset without gloating about your minor achievements. It’s hard not to draw the obvious conclusion here: You are selfish, cruel, and malevolent. You have hoped for all along, and I know that you care most of all about your reputation, which is why it surprises me that you take a stab at everyone on your article. I think I have pinpointed at least one reason why you really hate Measure E; Just because you had to go through a rough education in the past and work hard for it, you don’t want just anyone else to surpass your achievements easier than what you have worked for. You probably always will, and that makes me laugh. You are just another angry man who can’t put anything in perspective, because you’re just selfish scourge.

    Please do oppose Measure E and argue against it more, Mr. Green. You would just prove to everyone that I am right, and you are selfish, and you are mad. I would feel fortunate if you absorbed any of this, because up until this point you have shown signs of little to no intelligence.

    P.S. Good luck to everyone else pushing for another Parcel Tax to pass because Mr. Green has stated he will “argue for it better than before”

  • Barb

    Talk about syntax and spelling errors, those who know everything, know that probably many of the mistakes seen here are simple typing errors.

    AUSD still has the benefit of the two old parcel taxes. AUSD’s math abilities indicated these would be sufficient when it asked parents to campaign for them. These parcel taxes proved to be on the same level as AUSD’s math abilities: inadequate.

    AUSD needs to view itself in the aggregate. It is part of our community, not above it. Like it or not (Gav quote not intended), many are facing reduced hours, loss of jobs and homes, and increased medical premiums. Our City has to figure out how to fund millions if not billions in public employee pensions. Alamedans have to decide what to do with our hospital, which is also funded by parcel tax. It is required to be earthquake proofed or closed in a few years. Does the hospital have the money, or are Alamedans going to be asked to fund another parcel tax for earthquake proofing the buildings?

    AUSD jumped the gun, perhaps because it wanted to avoid competition with something many people use, the hospital, versus something used by only 12% of residents. AUSD chose unwisely in using the mail ballot, as many school measures on the June primary passed. The cost was essentially the same, the outcome might have been different.

  • Well, The Man Who Can Do Anything sure can’t WRITE! He is either drunk, or never did pass Bonehead English. Verbose to no clear purpose. I think I will survive his onslaught.

    Barb is absolutely right. Even with the failure of Measure E, more money will be going to the teachers in this new budget than in the last one. This is not about the kids, who will just sit there in the classrooms as usual. It’s all about the teachers. Will they show up? With their salary increases, will they be inspired to do an even better job of teaching? Will they teach their students to write a whole lot better than the semi-literate Man Who Can Do Anything But Articulate His Views?

    I’m writing on an iPad and still getting used to the on-screen keyboard, but can still write circles around The Man. And I’m proud of my background, and the solid, working class values I learned. But of all the many teachers I had 1-12, (no K in those days), I had only three teachers total who demonstrated any degree of excellence. I spent six years hanging out with high school teachers more recently, my wife’s colleagues, and the proportions had not improved. Our public schools overall deserve a D+ grade at best. And only Major Reform will change that, not more money.


  • Dennis- I have an iPad as well, and I suggest getting the Bluetooth keyboard for it, it makes a world of difference.

    As for being opposed to Measure E, my reasons, having never met Dennis or any of the other people who contribute to this site, are simple- I already pay taxes to support the schools. I do not wish to pay taxes twice. The suggested tax was not set up in a way that would fairly tax the city’s residents, nor was there any language in the Measure to specify how the moneys raised would be allocated.

    In addition, the AUSD has not been reconfigured in decades to better accommodate the current demographics of Alameda residents, and until it is, there is no sense in throwing money at the system to keep schools at status quo to satisfy a handful of rich East-end parents’ at the cost of the other schools in the system.

  • The Man Who Can Do Anything

    Good Job, Mr. Green. Give more assumptions and false analogy bro.

    Please do Mr. Green. Please prove that you are far superior than the rest of us because that is what you represent in your old generation. Please prove the rest of my statements true.

    Or are you too ignorant to argue your own battles?

    Please Mr. Green, you can do better than that.

  • Well, at least I always write under my own name, instead of hiding my identity behind “HotR” one minute, “Mr. Chowns” the next and now “The Fabulous Man Who Can Do Anything But Write.” I think we all know who you are, and what state you were in at 2:21 a.m. When you wrote that last sloppy, inarticulate screed. What you don’t understand is that the more angry and insulting you get, the more you hide like a coward behind those phony names, the easier it is to dismiss everything you have to say.

    Get a real job, instead of living off your wife’s salary as an Alameda teacher! Build a little character of your own. It’ll do you good.

    And to Gilco, thanks, I have a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, but am trying to perfect my skills with the on-screen. I’m writing a piece now called “The Fourth Wave.” Great fun.


  • ahs alum

    I hope all who voted for Measure E will go ahead & send $659/yr. to AUSD, and all pro-E business can send whatever their portion would have been as well. Nothing is stopping any of you from supporting the district in this way. I’d be curious to know who will “put their money where their mouth is”.

  • Great idea! Hot R/Man Who Can Do Anything…Do this! It’s only “two dollars a day.” Just because you lost the election doesn’t mean you can’t pony up for that cause you so dearly believe in, those school children who, without your $659 a year, might not have those special art/music/P.E. teachers in their elementary school. Vital might not have her high-priced political consulting firm, outside attorneys and a trustee’s daughter as webmaster. You were willing to make the sacrifice before the election, and force the rest of us to do so, and nothing stops you from proving your devotion to the schools now, without a new parcel tax. And if your REALLY care, you can contribute to Measures A, H & E, all combined. What is that? Four dollars a day? Genius.

  • propubliceducation

    And if anyone attended the last Board meeting, APlus and its supporters decided to turn their dirty, intimidating campaign against Member Spencer, the only board member who wisely voted against E. Guess it’s impossible E failed because it was a high tax in a recession, another split roll surely to continue the waste of taxpayer dollars on litigation, a manipulative mail-in ballot. pitted parents against businesses, and the District refused to create a Master Plan based on saving money and education.

  • At $5 per registered voter, the election cost AUSD just over $200,000

    AUSD has spent well over $200,000 on Measure H litigation since 2008. At least $217,000 and probably close to $250,000

    Those glossy campaign mailers that AUSD sent out twice during the campaign probably ran about $15,000 each

    Since 2008, AUSD has spent about $90,000 or more on Erwin & Muir as political consultants.

    That comes up to $542,000, or more in the span of about 2 years. That money could fund teachers….

  • The following letter has been sent to both the Alameda Sun and the Alameda Journal, and I have attempted to share my views with Sam Felsing at the Sun, but he has blocked my emails, because, apparently, they threaten his lack of objectivity. Remember that when you place paid advertising in local newspapers or news sites such as Alameda Action News! (And no, I’m not on commission… ; – )

    “Fulfilling Measure E


    There is nothing whatsoever preventing all those who voted “Yes on E” from donating to AUSD that $659 a year. More than 14,000 such people could easily fulfill the promise of Measure E by doing so. And, as they told us many times, “It’s only two dollars a day.” Just because they lost an election doesn’t mean they have to deprive the kids of the greater excellence their money could provide.

    More than 14,000 people voted for Measure E, and if all those people donated that money, on top of Measures A & H, (only three dollars a day!), that would add up to $16 million per year, more than Measure E alone would have raised. Likewise, if all those businesses which supported E would simply continue to pay their parcel taxes under A & H for the next eight years, as Measure E would have required, the school children of Alameda would be able to keep their small classes, their counselors and their special art/music/P.E. teachers in Elementary Schools.

    And Superintendent Vital would be able to keep her annual raises, her high-priced political consultants and her outside attorneys. She might even keep Encinal High open. Problem solved!

    Dennis Green”

  • nomoretaxes

    I agree with all who voted yes on E to send a check to AUSD. All of the other suggestions to reduce expenses that I have made have been ignored.

  • The Man Who Can Do Anything

    After coming back from vacation, I have concluded that Mr. Green clearly has lost an argument to a high school student. I have won

  • nan vicknair

    What is Action Alameda and who is behind it?

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