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Miss Alameda Secures $3,000 Grant to Divert Food Waste in Alameda Restaurants

Jessica Robinson, who is competing this year as Miss Alameda in the Miss California USA pageant, has secured a $3,000 grant to boost her efforts to implement a food waste diversion program in Alameda restaurants.

The grant comes from the Altamont Education Advisory Board, a body created subsequent to a lawsuit against Alameda County and the Altamont Landfill over a proposed expansion of the landfill; the Board allocates fund for recycling education programs and job training in the field of waste prevention and recycling. Miss Alameda will use the funds for outreach to Alameda restaurants to educate them about food waste diversion and encourage them to participate in the program. Her goal is to get restaurants to divert food waste from landfills and into green collection bins, so it can be gathered and composted.

In a statement, Miss Alameda said, “Unfortunately, many restaurants do not participate in full-spectrum organics disposal, even though the service is offered. With this grant, I hope to educate Alameda restaurants about the need to participate, and the benefits to the community for doing so.”

Miss Alameda kicked-off her program at Alameda’s 4th of July parade last Sunday.

Miss Alameda in Alameda's 4th of July Parade

2 comments to Miss Alameda Secures $3,000 Grant to Divert Food Waste in Alameda Restaurants

  • hobnob

    I’ve often wondered, besides a paper bag, is there a plastic bag option, more kin to the plastic bags we use for garbage bags to compost our food waste?

    Not only restaurants, but more residents of alameda should compost all their food waste. We do not, b/c it’s stinky, disgusting to have food rot for about a week, and the island is infested with ANTS so to have food composting for a week before pick up probably turns any resident off from composting anything unless it’s types of materials like coffee cups.

    I’ve thought about composting, but the issues I’ve stated, the smell and the ants are a huge deterrent. ANTS are almost impossible to get rid of, we just did, took us 2 years, not about to introduce anything to attract them again.

  • It didn’t make it into the article, but Miss Alameda did mention something about compostable plastic-type bags…

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