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Annual Spartina Cordgrass Efforts to Begin by the End of July

The City of Alameda, in partnership with the California State Coastal Conservancy, expect to begin treatment of the invasive Spartina cordgrass infestations along Alameda’s shoreline by July 26th. Weather permitting, treatment will continue during low tide windows during the last week of July and the month of August.

Work may begin as early as 6:00 a.m. on some days, to take advantage of the lowest tide; an herbicide will be sprayed on the grass and work locations will be closed for eight hours before and afterwards. The City says that control of the non-native grass is intended to minimize the potential for localized flooding, encroachment of the grass on shallow shoreline areas, such as marinas and residential boat docks, and unspecified negative impacts to local, native shoreline habitats.

The herbicide will be sprayed at the following locations:

  • Ballena Isle Marina
  • Ballena Isle Bridge
  • Behind Encinal High School
  • Behind Paden Elementary School
  • 2400 block of Shoreline Drive
  • Bayview Drive to Towata Park
  • Bay Farm Island Bridge to the High Street Bridge
  • Bay Farm Island Shoreline Park from Veteran’s Court to Shamrock Lane
  • Northern shoreline from Alameda point to the High Street Bridge

Watch for posted notices in the planned treatment locations. More information can be found at the Invasive Spartina Project website at

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