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Alameda Point Restoration Advisory Board Meeting, August 5th, 2010

Next Thursday, August 5th, there will be a meeting of the Naval Air Station, Alameda (Alameda Point) Restoration Advisory Board at Alameda Point. The Restoration Advisory Board is a joint Navy/civilian group that oversees the remediation of the former base.

The meeting will be in the former administration building for the base, Building 1, at 950 West Square Mall, in Alameda, and begins at 6:30 p.m. and the public can attend these meetings which are held on the first Thursday of every month.

It’s not on the agenda for next week’s meeting, but the navy is also seeking public input on their proposed plan to clean up what they identify as Installation Restoration (IR) Site 34 at the former base. The site is a 4.18 acre piece of land off of Panoramic Drive, on the north shore of Alameda Point, north of the former airfield. According to a Navy circular, the site was used to maintain equipment to support the base, and was used for painting, storage, sandblasting and wood and metal shop activities.

Roughly a dozen buildings, seven above-ground storage tanks, 15 transformers and an aviation fuel line have already been removed from the site; concrete pads that supported the buildings have not been removed. The site is contaminated with metals (arsenic, iron and lead), PCBs and TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons – diesel and motor oil.) The Navy’s preferred alternative to clean-up the site calls for excavation and off-site disposal of the contaminated soil. The Navy is accepting public comment on their proposed plan until August 13th.

For more information on the Restoration Advisory Board meetings, or Navy contacts for comment and information about IR Site 34, see the Navy’s website.

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