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Alameda City Council Accused of Secret “Plan B” Meetings

By Erica Madison

“We need a public process that includes workshops and public forums that allows the community to participate in developing a vision for Alameda Point. But I don’t believe we have capital or leadership to pull this off.”

This is what one angry resident told Alameda City council after hearing Matarrese’s new proposal.

Another citizen went even further by suggesting that the City Council had been working on Matarrese’s new plan months ago, and wasted the city’s money with SunCal meetings they never planned on moving forward with.

Vice Mayor deHaan immediately squashed this idea.

“I am appalled that we are being accused of having secret meetings. What we need to do is move forward”, said deHaan.

3 comments to Alameda City Council Accused of Secret “Plan B” Meetings

  • Barb

    Gee weren’t these speakers on TAM’s or SUNCAL’s email lists? Shame on them! Councilmember GILMORE, The League of Women Voters (gosh but aren’t they are giving women a a bad name), and the Fire negotiators, amoungst others were all getting privileged stuff from TAM. The only thing secret was that the trust the voters had placed in TAM was violated. She placed her loyalty to SUNCAL higher than her oath of office. And GILMORE who knew better, sat back and let it happen.

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  • It appears that only the most recent arrivals to this island city are unaware of the many hours of public meetings and discussions held over the years since Base Closure was first announced. Now, these late-comers latch onto SunCal as their Savior, although the rest of us know better, and also know that although it’s been 15 years now, it took more than 25 to develop Hamilton AFB. That’s because, as Barb says, it’s better to wait and do it right than to create some monstrous project out there at the Point that makes life miserable for the current residents. And meanwhile, partisans like Tam and Gilmore block the way forward. All the City has to do to develop the Point on its own is to hire one of the many consultants with experience with Alameda culture, design and character, such as Aidan Barry, Tim Hoppen, Rich Sherrat or Ron Cowan.

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