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Alameda City Council is Uneasy about Outsourcing

By Erica Madison

On July 27, during a special Alameda City Council meeting, Alameda city staff proposed hiring Inglewood Citation Management Services in an attempt to save the City $90,000.

Alameda City has been looking to outsource their in-house citation processing system since 2007. The City projects they would save $10,000 a year in operating costs and an additional $80,000 in salary.

Hiring Inglewood Citation Management Services (ICMS) would cost Alameda City $75,000 annually. Outsourcing the work will allow Alameda to be more efficient in sending out citation bills to residents. Despite these benefits Council members Tam and Matarrese are reluctant to use ICMS.

Matarrese stated that he needed certification before he could approve the contract.

“Is the information in the database secure? We don’t want them selling names. The contract needs a certification of information and a certification that the database they use is secure”, said Council member Matarrese.

3 comments to Alameda City Council is Uneasy about Outsourcing

  • Richard Hausman

    I, too, posed the question at the City Council meeting. The $80K savings in salary is really a false positive because ICM Gallant pointed out that the person handling those responsibilities would be reassigned to another department. BTW, that person makes $80K?!

    While it was never stated, my own gut feeling is that this is a test case to see how many other functions could be outsourced. This also seems a way for the city to simply avoid having to deal with, i.e., upgrade ($$) its outdated computer system.

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  • In part because of past-City Manager “Emperor Norton,” city payroll is bloated. The year he couldn’t give them a raise, he cut them back to a four-day workweek, including the executive staff, which in private sector would be “exempt.” (I.e., they could work overtime without being paid for it, etc.) Then, when he put them back on a five-day week, he gave them huge increases. So one computer hack makes $80K? There are almost 70 city workers making over $200K in salaries and bennies. Barb’s joke about Alameda declaring bankruptcy may not be a jest in a few years if they don’t reign in that payroll. Outsourcing may be a solution, if they can also layoff those overpaid execs, which the last CM refused to do, resulting, so it is said, in her “resignation.”

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