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Clay Pollard Joins AUSD Board of Trustees Race

Alameda resident Clay Pollard has announced he will run for a seat on the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Board of Trustees.

In a statement released by Pollard, he writes that he is a 24-year resident of Alameda with a child attending Encinal High School. “More than ever,” Pollard wrote, “we need a viable long-term master plan providing smaller class size, enrichment programs, advanced placement courses, effective remedial education (to close the achievement gap), and proper facilities management which optimizes district resources.” Pollard says that his experience as a business owner provides him with a unique skill set for the Board.

7 comments to Clay Pollard Joins AUSD Board of Trustees Race

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  • Anonymous

    Please email Clay Pallard and ask if he will support a fund to remove people of darker races (AKA African American) out of our lovely white anti-gay schools.
    We all know that his black children could possibly turn all Alameda children into people of darker color. Who says a an African American child does not choose to be black, ignorant and evil?

  • anonymous

    What kind of post is this. I would think that this type of hate message would be taken off of this site.

  • Warren

    We need to be focused on the district’s financial crisis not our personal adgendas

  • Anonymous

    Clay’ssupport is against the anti-bullying laws that were past last year. He is part of the group “Alameda Concerned Parents’. A racist, clearly opiniated “christain” group that believes homosexuals are sick and should be removed from out society.
    I am gay and I believe Clay Pollard himself is a sick individula who should be removed from ALameda. He and his family and friends should be treated the in the same manner he proposes to treat homosexuals.
    Send this African American man and his mix raced children out of our politics and off the island of Alameda.

  • Anonymous

    Enough of the same old tired name-calling… It’s really getting old. Let’s move on! Hasn’t this community been divided enough?? For some, I suppose not, because clearly, with the amount of venom here, it appears that political & personal social agendas take precedence over the dire, fiscal need to manage our budget, minimize school closures, keep small class sizes, increase AP courses, and frankly, just have real leadership. This small political movement clearly has its priorities set above contributing toward healing Alameda and putting candidates on the board who aren’t interested in the status quo, parrotting everything the sup says. The community of Alameda deserves better than that. It’s not time for a new face with same rhetoric, it is time for fresh innovation, like what Mr. Pollard can provide. He should be appreciated as one who genuinely cares about all kids. He’s frank, genuine, very sharp guy and most certainly not a politician. So if you want status quo, sure, vote to McMahon & Sherrat. If you want genuine change you can rely on, vote Mr. Pollard. He won’t tell you what you want to hear just to get elected. Refreshing!

  • ClayIsInHisOwnWords

    I attended the Lincoln middle school AUSD meeting. And I also attended the AUSD candidates meeting at Earhart elementary.

    At the Lincoln meeting, Clay Pollard went to the mic, and instead of providing valuable input. He was using the opportunity to get some face time on Alameda TV and introducing himself as a candidate. I think that was poor taste and shows bad judgement.

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