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City’s Attorney Responds to Lena Tam Defense

On August 4th, Michael Colantuono, the attorney representing the City of Alameda in the matter of alleged misconduct by Councilmember Lena Tam, wrote a letter to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, refuting many of the defensive claims made by Ms. Tam’s attorney, John Keker.

In his letter, Mr. Colantuono wrote that Keker argued that no action should be taken against tam “based on a selective and creative review of the evidence.” Colantuono also wrote that Keker’s defense of Tam “demonstrates his exceptional ability to analyze particular trees into toothpicks while ignoring the forest of evidence demonstrating Ms. Tam’s culpability. It is therefore noteworthy that neither Ms. Tam nor Mr. Keker disputes the authenticity of the emails we provided your office with or denies that Ms. Tam authored them.”

Colantuono closed by urging the District Attorney’s office to present this matter to the grand jury so it can be resolved. The full letter is reproduced below.

City of Alameda Letter to District Attorney August 4th 2010

8 comments to City’s Attorney Responds to Lena Tam Defense

  • Barb

    One of the purposes of the Grand Jury is to act independently of officials who might have a perceived conflict of interest in going after an elected official. In this case allegations abound that Nancy O’Malley is a friend of Lena Tam and will do nothing becasue of that friendship. For this very reason, the matter should be referrred to the Grand Jury. This will at the very least maintain confidence that DA’s office will respond to all serious allegations of abuse of office. A thorough investigation of TAM and GILMORE is needed. Gilmore is a non-practising attorney and should have been aware of her obligations under the Electronic Communications Protection and Brown Acts and responded appropriately when TAM bcc’ her. One would hope that it could be concluded before the voters take to the polls in November. Otherwise all three of these ladies should be voted off the island.

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  • One rumor is that O’Malley has recused herself…

  • I find it odd that all those people calling for transparency in government are silent on this issue, except to defend Tam and Gilmore in very general terms. At the same time, without any evidence of laws or regulations broken, these same partisans accuse City Attorney Highsmith and ICM Gallant of all sorts of wrong-doing. All this generated, apparently, by SunCal and their attempts to thwart the voters’ 85% condemnation and rejection.

  • Barb

    Odd? No. Entirely predictable. Not unlike the pot calling the kettle black, those who want transparency, only want it to apply to others and not themselves. I find it interesting that a few of BONTA’s contributors to his massive campaign warchest which dwarfs everyone else’s, includes major contributors to Measure B, Honora Murphy, the Bladium and others. Why would these people/entities support him financially if he did not think the way they do, that SUNCAL is Alameda’s future?

  • Thank you, Barb. I stand corrected, and am considering a movement to secede from the rest of the Main Island, somehow, if SunCal takes over the West End, and reps like Tam and Gilmore, possibly Bonta and others in their back pocket. Just as Alameda broke off from Oakland many years ago, perhaps we can break off from the West End and let it go to Hell all by itself! Just a thought…

  • Barb

    If you are ever in Oakland and go to the library, be sure to go to the second floor to the periodical section. On the way is a lovely set of photographs of the Army Corp of Engineers severing Almaeda from Oakland. Perhaps we can do the same with SUNCAL’s version of Alameda Point, TAM, BONTA and GILMORE.

  • Some of us who live in the West End have a vision for Alameda that doesn’t include SunCal!

    Please visit my website at and consider supporting me in my run for City Council.