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Alameda Point “Moving Forward” Community Meeting Tonight

The second in a series of citizen-organized meetings on how to proceed at Alameda Point will take place tonight, at the theater at Alameda Point.

Organizers say that the topic for this week’s meeting will be “Learning From the Experience of Others” and the speakers will include Michael Fassler from the Presidio Land Trust, Doug Yount from Fort Ord, and Doug deHaan, who will explain the reuse plan at El Toro in Orange County.

Alameda Point “Moving Forward”
Citizen-Organized Forum
2700 Saratoga Street
Alameda, CA 94501
Thursday August 26th
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

3 comments to Alameda Point “Moving Forward” Community Meeting Tonight

  • Vania

    Don’t get too exited about the “re-use plans” for El Toro Air Station. Lehman Brothers has a mortgage on all of the land which is supposed to be developed to generate “city fee income”, which in turn will build improvements to Irvine Great Park.

    We all know what happened to Lehman Brothers. It turns out that their in-bankruptcy management is cooperating with Lennar as the master developer of the neighborhoods around Great Park. It appears that bankrupt Lehman is disbursing money to Lennar (unlike what it did to SunCal).

    However, if you read the Orange County blogs you find out that development isn’t happening because of the economy, so no development fees are going to the City of Irvine, and the park improvements are not being built. For example, here’s a perhaps over the top report by an ex-Marine who was stationed at El Toro, and who champions the cause of Marines and ex-Marines who were exposed to toxic chemicals at El Toro:

    No disrespect intended to Mr. deHaan, but El Toro/ Great Park is not a sterling example of how to finance public improvements to public land.

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  • Betty

    Vania, I hope you attended the meeting last night. Like the first meeting it was very informative. There was a speaker from the Presidio Trust, The City of Marina regarding the development of Fort Ord and Mr. deHaan spoke about the development on El Toro.
    So we had a variety of plans to learn from really from one extreme to another. Mr. deHann called the Great Park something like Disneyland and could only happen in Southern California. He made the presentation as an example of what was being done there. There was no preservation at El Toro and all around the park is development. Mr deHaan and the majority of the people attending were not in favor of this type of development.
    From your comment it sounded like you had information from some source that Mr.deHaan was supporting this development. Maybe you should attend the next meeting before speaking out.

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