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Keep Kaplergate in Perspective

Dear Editor,

While we may be incensed by the alleged inappropriate actions of our Fire Chief involving a few gallons of gasoline, it is more important to keep things in proper perspective.

Consider this: it would take 125,000 gallons of gas to equal what SunCal cost the Alameda taxpayers with ONE ballot initiative ($400,000 divided by $3.20 per gallon = 125,000 gallons) !

The SunCal Ballot Initiative (Measure B) was delivered to our doorsteps early this year. This Ballot Measure was soundly defeated by more than 85% of our community… nearly six months later 80% of the City Council in a 4-0 vote with 1 abstention then voted not to extend the agreement with SunCal. So SunCal then filed a lawsuit against our city.

Which would SunCal prefer? Find a judge willing to overturn our ballot box or the votes of our elected officials? By challenging the voters they seek to undermine the basis of our American democracy.

It sure makes our Fire Chief and a few gallons of gas seem like small potatoes compared to one-third of our island and several hundred thousand dollars.

Let’s not lose sight of the big picture. In this upcoming political season we must defeat SunCal politics once and for all.

— Joseph Cloren, Alameda

2 comments to Keep Kaplergate in Perspective

  • Barb

    It is pretty clear who those politicos are: TAM who emails directly to Pat Keliher (but not to her constituents), GILMORE who receives blindcopies of TAM emails and does nothing, BONTA who at last report had raised $35,000 from mostly “out of towners” to carpetbag the election for SUNCAL, and IZZY ASHCRAFT. These candidates should come with an FDA warning sticker,
    “Swallowing their commitment to Alameda may prove difficult, and may cause indigestion, upset stomach, ulcers, diarrhea and many types of cancerous growths throughout the City while at the same time depleting the City’s resources and abilities to fight off other diseases. May shorten life expectancy and general desire to live if elected.”

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