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SunCal Amends Federal Complaint Against City of Alameda

Late last month, SunCal amended their complaint against the City of Alameda in federal court, alleging that on August 10th, City of Alameda officials gave a presentation related to transportation on Alameda Point that relied on unique concepts found in SunCal’s transportation strategy for the redevelopment of the former Navy base. As reported previously, SunCal sued the City in U.S. District Court in Southern California after a July 20th Alameda City Council vote that effectively ended exclusive negotiations between the City and SunCal.

According to the amended complaint, “The City touted and took credit for the same strategy on which it criticized SunCal, and the City embraced the strategy on which it earlier relied to expel SunCal from the Alameda Point project.”

Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant told Action Alameda News that the presentation was “completely City staff work” and not SunCal’s work.

The full amended complaint from the federal court document system is reproduced below.

Suncal Sues Alameda Amended Complaint

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