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School District Spells Out Timeline for School Closures and New Parcel Tax

Late last Friday, the Alameda Unified School District notified the media of their timeline for finalizing planned school closures for the 2011-2012 school year, and a new parcel tax to go on the ballot next March, which they hope will prevent the closures.

The schedule provides for the current sitting Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees to vote on the March ballot parcel tax measure, after the November 2nd election, which may see two new trustees on the board, but before those trustees are sworn in; four-year terms for the two seats up for election this November, currently held by Trustees Mike McMahon and Tracy Jensen, expire December 3rd.

AUSD Superintendent Kirsten Vital provided a written statement with the release: “We hope every Alamedan will use his or her voice this fall to provide input on the possible school closures and consolidations scenarios and the best possible structure for a new parcel tax.”

The District also wrote that “Additional meetings will be held with the AUSD PTA Council, school site PTA groups, bargaining unit leadership; School Site Councils, and community organizations (AEF, Alameda Family Services! Alameda Multicultural Center, and others).

The table below outlines the consolidated timeline of parcel tax, school consolidation, election related events and term expirations.

Date Action
Board Meeting September 14th • Board to review scenarios for school closure/consolidation
Parcel Tax

Public Hearing

(Kofman Auditorium)

September 21st • Special Board of Education meeting/business and community stakeholder feedback/parcel tax structure options
Board Meeting September 28th • Board will review rough draft preliminary tiered budget reductions

Public Hearing

(Lincoln Middle School)

September 30th

• Special Board of Education meeting/Public Hearing for community feedback/review of scenarios for school closure/consolidation
Board Meeting October 12th • Board to review facility analyses for school closure/consolidation scenarios
Parcel Tax

Public Hearing


October 14th • Special Board of Education meeting/Public Hearing for community feedback/review of March ballot parcel tax options

Public Hearing

(Ruby Bridges)

October 21st • Special Board of Education meeting/Public Hearing for feedback on final analysis for recommendation for implementation of closure/consolidation of schools in Phase I/II approach
Board Meeting October 26th • Board to review list of “tiered” AUSD budget reductions
Election November 2nd General Election – two AUSD Board of Trustee seats up for election.
Board Meeting November 9th • Board to review proposed March ballot parcel tax measure (info)
Board Meeting

Parcel Tax decision

November 23rd • Board to decide on March ballot parcel tax measure (action)

• Board to receive final recommendations from staff on closure/consolidation scenarios (info)

Term Expiration December 3rd

Board member terms expire four years after their initial election on the first Friday in December following the election of new members. (Education Code 5000)

Board Meeting

Closures/Consolidation decision

December 14th • Board will vote and decide upon final scenario for closure/consolidation of schools for 2011/2012 and 2012/13 school years

• Board will vote and approve First Interim Budget report with tiered budget reductions

5 comments to School District Spells Out Timeline for School Closures and New Parcel Tax

  • Having interviewed Superintendent Vital twice, i have my own pwrspective. I believe that because of declining enrollment, many Alameda schools should close, and that a number of them, in part for ethnographic reasons, should be consolidated, some of the smaller rich schools with some of the West End schools that would also be small without the import of students from Oakland. We currently have a very convoluted school system in Alameda, and that should go. And then, with more reforms and improvements in accountability and outcomes, perhaps we can pass a fair parcel tax, very unlike Measure E!

  • Parent

    I think most of us want to support the schools financially. It is our trust in the current school board and administrators that is holding us back. We need to make a change and the change needs to be individuals that know how to read a financial statement and run a business. The district spends tens of millions of dollars per year and we have a school board that does not have the experience to run it efficiently and economically. We need change. Out with the old administrators and board members and in with some experienced individuals that can help us out of this crisis.

  • nomoretaxes

    Smaller schools should close regardless if the new parcel tax passes. I agree with “Parent” that the current administrators & board members up for re-election should go for many reasons. It is time for change.

  • WhyAreRichAlwaysComplainingTheLoudestAboutTaxes

    I support fairness. But I think the “Fair tax” argument is pretty thin.

    If you want fair taxes. Please participate in the public meetings and give your detailed opinions about what is a fair tax. Do you want a flat tax for everyone? Do you want only people with kids to get taxed for schools? What about people who put their kids in private school? Do you want businesses to pay no tax for schools?
    Do you think there should be public schools? Or should parents pay for educating their kids?

    Is the federal income tax fair? We do not tax everyone at the same rate. Higher income earners get taxed more. Do you think this is fair? What is your definition of a fair tax?

    Do you really want a fair tax? Or are you just using that as an excuse to object to the parcel tax?

    Please speak up. Stop complaining and shouting slogans. BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION. WHAT ARE YOUR DETAILED IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS.

    I want to hear the detailed response from the other side. What I hear a lot is complaining against Measure E. Please give your solutions on what can be done. Contribute to a solution.
    Attend the public meetings and speak up.

  • Alamedan’s for Fair Taxation published their view of a fair tax structure, including a detailed parcel database. We published the database, and their proposal, alongside AUSD proposals, here: