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Status of Lena Tam Investigation

Addendum – As of 9:02 a.m., Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant told Action Alameda News that she had not yet seen the D.A.’s opinion letter…

Over the weekend, sources close to Councilmember Lena Tam reportedly told some media outlets that Ms. Tam would hold a press conference today at 10:30 a.m. to address the contents of an opinion letter from the Alameda County District Attorney on allegations of misconduct by Tam. This morning, Action Alameda News contact Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant for an update – here’s what she told us.

By e-mail, Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant told Action Alameda News:

1. The DA sent a confidential letter to [Special Counsel to the City of Alameda] Michael Colantuono very late Thursday night. He has been trying to reach their office to determine if the letter can be released publicly, by the City or if the privilege on release is Lena Tam’s. The Labor Day weekend has impacted availability in communications.

2. The letter was addressed to Colantuono but copied to [Lena Tam’s attorney] Keker.

3. Colantuono has prepared a response and we are now working on how both of these letters – assuming confidentiality prevails – will be communicated to the other four City Council members, since we haven’t been able to do Closed Sessions. I expect to have an answer on that by this afternoon.

4. I have heard that Lena Tam has scheduled a press conference for 10:30am, but that is just rumor – I have no official confirmation of it.

That is all I can share at this point….

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