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Ronald Mooney’s Keep Alameda Schools Excellent PAC Spent Over $20,000 in the First Half of This Year

Through “Keep Alameda Schools Excellent,” a political action committee originally formed in 2008 to support the passage of Measure H, a school parcel tax, Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees President Ron Mooney raised $14,300 in the first half of this year, and spent over $20,000.

The data comes from a semi-annual campaign disclosure statement filed by Mr. Mooney with the Alameda City Clerk’s office on August 31st – well past the end-of-July deadline. As reported previously, SunCal contributed $5,000 to the PAC which was originally designated as a committee primarily formed to support the passage of AUSD’s Measure H two years ago; in his latest filing, Mooney has indicated that it’s now a “general purpose committee.” At the time that Mooney accepted the money from SunCal, the School District was in the midst of negotiations with SunCal over binding mitigation agreement over the provision of funding and land for new school sites at Alameda Point.

Mooney also accepted $5,000 from facilities manager IST Management Services, Inc. based in Atlanta Georgia, $2,000 from Keenan Associates in Torrance, California, $500 from CIWA, Inc. and $250 from ACC Environmental Consultants in Oakland. Locally, NEA Community Charter School contributed $425.

During the filing period, Mooney spent $20,000 with EMC Research of Oakland, a public opinion research firm. Alameda residents have received survey telephone calls from EMC Research on behalf of various organizations over the past several years. Mooney also spent $350 with Oakland political consultants Eriwn & Muir, to whom the Alameda Unified School District has paid tens of thousands of dollars for consulting on Measure H, Measure E and other activities since 2008. The filing does not indicate specifically when the expenditures were made.

1 comment to Ronald Mooney’s Keep Alameda Schools Excellent PAC Spent Over $20,000 in the First Half of This Year

  • Thanks for the Sunshine. I have made a note that the usual “Sunshine Boys,” who will be meeting soon to get public input for their proposed Sunshine Ordinance, have never mentioned any need to shine the light on Mooney, McMahon or Superintendent Vital’s spending practices, exactly what Erwin & Muir, political consultants who charge $250/hour, have been paid by AUSD to do. Critics believe they actually designed Measure E, the defeated school tax initiative so unfair that its proponents couldn’t even get 2/3 of half the eligible voters in Alameda to approve it.

    The Sunshine Task Force should also investigate why it is that School Board President Mooney appointed his own son as “Student Representative” on the Board, in the McMahon tradition of nepotism they may not be forbidden by law, but is certainly outside the bounds of professional ethics. I suspect that the Task Force exercises a selectivity that reflects their partisan politics. So much for “Let there be Light.”