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Straw Poll: Did District Attorney Make the Right Call on Lena Tam?

Yesterday, results of the Alameda County District Attorney’s investigation into allegations of misconduct by City of Alameda Councilmember Lena Tam became public. Did the D.A. make the right call?

Councilmember Tam has claimed that she has been “exonerated,” while the City of Alameda has stressed that the D.A.’s decision is “tentative,” and that the City’s Special Counsel on the matter has not been able to review and respond to an August 12th letter to the D.A. from Ms. Tam’s attorney. The City also indicated that the D.A. suggested a civil suit against Tam.

Did Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley make the right call by refusing to refer the allegations against Tam to the Grand Jury?

Did the Alameda County District Attorney make the right call on Lena Tam?

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2 comments to Straw Poll: Did District Attorney Make the Right Call on Lena Tam?

  • Bob

    I’ve heard the attorney (Ann Diem) in the DA’s office assigned to this case retired—yes, retired, on Thursday, Sept.2.

    Can someone find out whether that was preplanned? or did she retire out of dismay and disgust over the Tam case?

  • What I find encouraging is the close margin on this straw poll, much closer than anything on “The Island” or “Blogging Bayport” blogs, where the partisans are much more in evidence than here. I always feel that I can think for myself in commenting on AAN, never have to hone to a “party line,” can listen to the opinions and comments and expertise of others, and always learn something I didn’t know before tuning in. Especially from the lawyers, who, as we all know, are an excellent source of protein!