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Alameda Politics a Cliquish Sport

Dear Editor,

I am deeply offended by the conduct of the City of Alameda Democratic Club.

As a candidate for Alameda City Council this November 2, and the first candidate to register with the City and Secretary of State, I would expect to be included in all candidate forums the same as any other registered candidate for Alameda City Council.

However, the CADC, controlled by a cadre of self-interested and self-appointed backslappers, including heavily outside-of-Alameda funded candidate Rob Bonta, Bonta’s campaign manager Jim Oddie, and Lena Tam’s document-receiving bloggers Lauren Do and John Knox White, apparently sent out a questionnaire recently for endorsement to Municipal candidates of their choosing, with a deadline of August 8 at noon, to submit responses so that candidates might “reach the voters via the newsletter and the website before the September 15th endorsement meeting.”

Unfortunately for this candidate, who seems not to be in favor with the CADC, I only recieved notice that this questionnaire existed at 10:30, today on the 8th of August, via email from Alice Wilson-Fried. She let me know I had 90 minutes to complete and submit a document I had never heard about nor ever received notice of. Neither did she provide me a copy of said document in that email.

In addition, despite all of my campaign contact information being on record with the City, the Secretary of State, the Registry of Voters and at my campaign website, the CADC chose to email my business address with this notification, which is not, and never has been, the contact point for my campaign.

Jim Oddie, when contacted, provided me a link to the document online 40 minutes before the deadline, but when pressed further, did not explain why I was not included in the original mailing, nor would he provide me with the same amount of time as the other candidates were given to prepare my responses.v

In short, I was not given the same time to prepare for the CADC’s questionnaire, nor the fair opportunity to appear in their newsletter or on their website as other candidates were offered, and because of that, their endorsement process is flawed, if not outright invalid.

I realize clearly that Alameda politics are a very cliquish sport. I am running as an outsider who wants to break down these barriers and bring the voice of the citizens back to City government. There are certain laws and rules that must be observed, and in politics, the playing field must be level. Transparency in government and politics is a big issue in this campaign, and my willingness to be responsible to the citizens is a threat to those who wish to cling what bits of secrecy and control they can maintain.

Speaking out against these injustices is only the first step towards returning Alameda to the people and working towards a political system that works for everyone, not just a select few.

— Adam Gillitt, Alameda

6 comments to Alameda Politics a Cliquish Sport

  • Barb

    Ah ha! The BONTAM TEAM strikes again! It is a shame that the Democratic Club is apparently under their control and aiming to endorse BONTAM for COuncil, with a 3rd runner-up in case any remaining 2 year term is opened up going to EASY & CRAFTY. (If DeHAAN is elected to the Mayor’s spot).

    It would be nice if the first two would tell us what they and SUNCAL have planned for our future. To let the SUNSHINE in so to speak. But they are going to deny and not disclose their continuing ties to SUNCAL ini an effort to dupe voters into thinking they are really for open government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If these 3 get in, SUNCAL will have a blank check. It will be the government of SUNCAL, by SUNCAL and for SUNCAL. Please folks don’t be fooled. Unless you were one of the (un)lucky 10 persons who received confidential emails from TAM, why would any voter expect her to be loyal to Alameda?
    Mr. Gillitt I am sorry you had to learn the truth about BONTAM/SUNCAL Alameda politics as usual the hardway. Your efforts to speak out should be noted by all that you really want some openess in government. Best of luck!

  • Mr. Gillitt learned about the CADC’s endorsement when he received a reminder of the upcoming deadline for questionnaires. Clearly it was (and still is) the club’s intent to include his responses. Mr. Gillitt, along with Marie Gilmore, was the victim of a data entry error for which the club offered to hold publication of its newsletter an extra 24 hours in order to give both candidates more time to respond, and if they are unable to respond in this time frame, Club President Fried has offered to send their responses to the full newsletter list on Sept 14, the day before the club’s endorsement meeting, and make paper copies available to its members at the meeting at its own expense.

    Mr. Gillitt has chosen not to accept these fair and equitable solutions and instead try to manufacture name recognition by creating a false controversy. Should Mr. Gillitt choose to participate in the process, he continues to be welcome.

  • For the record, Mr. Knox-White’s comment was delayed in its appearance because it was marked as spam. When we discovered it in a routine skim of the spam comment folder, we approved it for publication.

  • Mr. White:

    As I stated on my site: to date, all I have been offered is the opportunity to have my responses provided as an addendum to the CADC’s newsletter and to have them posted at a later date to the CADC’s website. I have not been formally invited to the endorsement interview; in fact, I have no idea as of yet when or where it is taking place on September 15th. Please explain how this is fair and equitable?

    My email of record for my campaign is Ms Fried says the original email was sent to I am unclear how is this a data entry error since the addresses are entirely dissimilar and the latter does not even exist? I am disappointed in yet another example of the mismanagement that is endemic in City government and Alameda civic leadership.

  • Barb

    Why would Mr. Gillitt choose to participate in a process that is so prejudiced against him and for BONTAM, EASY & CRAFTY? His time would be better spent knocking on doors meeting voters, than trying to knock down the predetermined outcome of the Democratic Club.

  • So one of the more pre-eminent Sunshine Boys, John Knox-White, is discovered hiding in the shadows, declining to award a legitimate candidate the honor of consideration. And this is the guy who is going to create more open and transparent government! I feel sorry for Adam, but even more so for the voters of Alameda, who are being flummoxed yet again!

    JKW’s “explanation” is pathetic, and we have yet another reason NOT to trust the CADC, who may be in bed with the League of Women Voters…what a sight! VERY soft porn…