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Upcoming Estuary Park Events

Dear Editor,

The public should be advised of two important Estuary Park events:
Alameda Public Affairs Forum on Saturday, Sept 11; and City Council decision on Boatworks on Tuesday, Sept 21

On Saturday, September 11, at 7 PM in the City’s Main Library, the Alameda Public Affairs Forum will present a forum on Alameda Parks, including the Beltline and Estuary Park.

The speakers will be…
1) Jean Sweeney talking about the Beltline park,
2) Dorothy Freeman about the destiny of Estuary Park,
3) Richard Bangert on Northwest Territories of Alameda Point, and
4) Herb Behrstock on United Nations Founding Park.

On Tuesday, September 21, at 7 PM in City Hall, the City Council will consider a proposal from City Staff and Planning Board that the Boatworks project be allowed to build 175 housing units at Oak and Clement, extending Blanding Avenue and Walnut Street through the project, and obliterating Estuary Park, leaving only a 100 foot wide strip along the waterfront.

Dorothy Freeman has written a letter, with 2 attachments, recounting the history of the City’s promise to create Estuary Park, it’s importance to the area, means of funding its purchase, and the City’s failure to take any action to create the park.

Open this web address to read Ms. Freeman’s letter…

Open this web address to read Attachment 1, which explains how Proposition 84 monies could be obtained for park purchase…

Open this web address to read Attachment 2, California State Parks Community FactFinder Report, which lists the facts about why our neighborhood needs Estuary Park…

These documents can also be found on the EPAC web site, along with information described the decade-long struggle for the park, at

— Joseph Woodard, Alameda

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