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Mayor Johnson Says Tam Hasn’t Been Exonerated

By Erica Madison

The fact that the District Attorney has decided not to proceed with an investigation into allegations against Lena Tam doesn’t mean that the City Manager and City Attorney did anything wrong, said Mayor Beverly Johnson at the special Alameda City Council meeting on September 9th.

“The Interim City Manager and City Attorney did the right thing”, said Mayor Johnson.

She also made a point of stating that the District Attorney’s decision to not proceed with the investigation doesn’t mean that Councilmember Tam was exonerated.

“Tam has admitted to releasing confidential information. We need to resolve this and move forward. The District Attorney probably won’t reconsider her decision,” said Mayor Johnson.

She also told outraged citizens to direct their complaints about the decision to the Alameda County District Attorney.

The Mayor encouraged people who want Tam removed to participate in the upcoming November election.

“This is not an issue the council can resolve”, said Mayor Johnson.

5 comments to Mayor Johnson Says Tam Hasn’t Been Exonerated

  • Hot R

    Silly, silly business…. If you don’t like her then don’t vote for her. But don’t support Mayor Johnson’s hatchet job. This was politics at its worst.

    For those of you who don’t like her she may have been sullied so much already as to have no chance of being elected, but it is possible that the large numbers of Asian voters who elected her will choose to ignore the “concerns” of those of you on this site who flipped out over the emails because those voters will see it as simply racism veiled in a faux morality.

    And before you get on your high horse, consider that the DA AND the City Council both decided there was nothing there. These actions have left the ICM and the City Attorney high and dry, and the council signaled that they would be NOT be supporting them with this action. No amount of blustering on this site will change that fact.

  • Hot R – you never answered my question. Do you condone Lena Tam’s actions? She clearly admitted that she sent confidential information to SunCal.

    As for the D.A. – no investigation was conducted. All they did was review letters from the attorneys. No subpoenas issued, no witnesses interviewed, no records gathered, nothing. They relied on case law that Colontuono said is irrelevant. (It pertains to whether or not councilmembers can be forced to make legislation.)

  • 8 hours gone by, and no answer from Hot R…

  • Hot R

    No, I don’t condone it but I do not think it is illegal. Speaking of things that aren’t legal but suspect, I also don’t condone all the money SunCal spread around town and all the people who gladly took it, Johnson taking $10,000 from Ron Cowan to get the golf course property, paying for the gas of the fire chief, or the way over priced police and fire salaries and killer pensions. I further don’t condone people blaming AUSD when it is the State of California which has put Alameda schools in crisis, or those who shortsightedly think that the responsibility to pay for schools is anyone’s responsibility but their own. And finally, I don’t condone the actions of the ICM or the city attorney as Alameda is threatened with a lawsuit which could impoverish us like Half Moon Bay, or a a minimum cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

  • Hot R – AUSD has to manage their system within the available funds. 17 school campuses? really? 10 elementary schools? They knew in June of 2009 that they would need a parcel tax, but they took no action to negotiate temporary pay cuts with the labor groups, or for administrators. If they had done that, perhaps the parcel tax would have been fair, and/or for a smaller amount, and it would have passed.

    As for the State funding crisis – “redevelopment” takes $5 billion per year in property taxes and diverts it to subsidize developers like SunCal. SunCal’s plan for Alameda Point was premised on $200 million of such subsidies – and AUSD Trustees Mike McMahon and Ron Mooney (Mooney took $5000 from SunCal) supported SunCal’s plan, and Measure B.

    AUSD rightly shares the blame.