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Alameda Hospital Will Implement a New System for Digitizing Patient Records

By Erica Madison

Alameda Hospital is in the process of implementing an Electronic Health Record system which CEO Debra Stebbins says is better than the currently used Electronic Medical Record system.

“The electronic patient care system includes a nursing and physician component, emergency care, and surgical services to enhance the excellent care our patients already receive” said Stebbins.

An electronic health record (EHR) is more comprehensive than an electronic medical record (EMR).

It contains information about care received in multiple settings and care provided by multiple providers. It attempts to capture a full record of all the health care encounters a patient has experienced better than the EMR.

Alameda Hospital is in the midst of implementing an electronic health record system. Some initiatives have been completed, such as integrating the clinical laboratory, providing electronic patient care systems.

Although implementing EHR is not in their budget, the hospital will be reimbursed by health information technology for economic and clinical health (HITECH) by 2013.

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