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Alameda Hospital Will Receive a $10 million Renovation

By Erica Madison

CEO of Alameda Hospital Debra Stebbins presented Alameda City Council with a $10 million renovation plan at the September 7 joint Alameda City council and CIC meeting.

Alameda Hospital has a total of eight building structures. Currently three of which do not comply with the January 2013 seismic standards. Theses buildings are: The East building, the Stephens wing built in 1955, the West wing built in 1967.

In order to comply with the 2013 seismic standards these three buildings will be renovated.

The hospital has hired Ratchliff Architects and construction management company Jtec CM. to assist the hospital with architects, engineers and contractors and to manage the project.

Most of the renovation work will be done in the Stephens wing. The building has underpinning, which means the foundation needs to be reinforced. The north and south walls of the building will receive metal strapping. The cafeteria will also be relocated to the Stephens wing.

However there are no plans yet as to how this $10 million renovation will be funded.

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