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City, School District, to Discuss Converting District Housing Funds to Green Dollars for Classroom Use

This Saturday, starting at 9 a.m., a joint meeting of the Alameda City Council and Alameda Unified School District will consider a proposal from Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant that would transfer school district redevelopment funds set aside for low-income housing for District employees to a “green dollars” fund for operational and classroom use by the School District.

Action Alameda News broke the story in 2008, reporting that the City was holding several millions of dollars of redevelopment property taxes intended for the school district in two funds, the District Capital Outlay Fund, and the District Housing Fund.

The money is set aside according to a 1991 agreement between AUSD and the Community Improvement Commission of the City of Alameda, the City’s State-sanctioned redevelopment agency. Late in 2008, the City turned over to the District just over $1 million from the Capital Outlay Fund.

Late yesterday, Ms. Gallant told Action Alameda News that the City of Alameda has suggested to the Alameda Unified School District that both agencies support a rider attached to a bill in Sacramento that would “in a sense forgive the limitations of the existing excess housing surplus set-aside moneys,” and convert them to “green dollars” for the District to use as operational funds. The total amount that might be transferred is about $3 million. Gallant told Action Alameda News that City staff have drafted the recommended language and she hopes that a joint charge on Sacramento lawmakers by City of Alameda and School District officials will lead to passage of a bill with the rider attached.

The current rider would address only funds collected to date and through fiscal years 2011-2012. Gallant thinks there is also a way to allow future housing set aside dollars to similarly be converted as well.

Saturday’s meeting will be on the third floor of AUSD’s main office at 2200 Central Avenue.

1 comment to City, School District, to Discuss Converting District Housing Funds to Green Dollars for Classroom Use

  • Gallant understands, as AUSD does not seem to, with the exception of Trustee Spencer, that “Redevelopment” of all sorts has been siphoning off funds at the State level from public schools in California. An op-ed piece in the Alameda Sun, by Al Wright, “Parcel Tax is Not the Solution,” details how the State take-aways from education could be countered by political action, and how one new parcel tax after another will never keep up with those take-aways. This news site has often reported on that scam, but none of the local public school advocates have picked up on it.