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Lena Tam Asks City of Alameda to Pay Legal Fees

Documents obtained by Action Alameda News indicate that Alameda City Councilmember Lena Tam has asked the City of Alameda to reimburse her for legal fees she incurred defending herself against allegations of official misconduct. At a recent City Council meeting, Ms. Tam admitted to sending the e-mails in question, which contained City of Alameda confidential information, but denied that her actions constituted official misconduct or criminal behavior. More news on this breaking story as we assemble the documents for publication.

2 comments to Lena Tam Asks City of Alameda to Pay Legal Fees

  • Once again, Lena Tam demonstrates both sides of her mouth, complaining about City expense in investigating her, and now asking for reimbursement of her own lawyer’s fees. She obviously doesn’t care about Alameda finances or taxpayers, or she wouldn’t have violated attorney/client privilege in the first place. WE are not responsible for her wrong-doing, whether the DA will prosecute or not, and this latest, ridiculous request of her’s is just one more reason to defeat her at the polls.

  • Joel

    Ms lena Tam I did not get an email from you to request that my taxes dollars be used to defend yourself for Statement you made during City Council Meeting , nobody forced you to forward Emails labelled “confidential” to your other boss Suncal, that is unethical,incidentally I am also requesting EBMUD to refund me portion of my bill since you did use EBMUD time to run politic action , cannot have it both way.
    YOUR CLAIM IS DENIED . One among the thousands taxpayers that see you unfit for public service.
    Can you forward us Email from EBMUD after all theirs too are public record especially the confidential one.