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City of Alameda Not Sponsoring Telephone Polls

As it was in the weeks before the vote on Measure B, in February of this year, Alameda residents have been besieged recently with calls from telephone pollsters. So much so that the City of Alameda saw fit today to issue a press release “clarifying” that the City is not conducting any of the polling.

This afternoon, the City of Alameda issued a statement explaining that that they are not sponsoring political polls or other campaign activities.

The text of the City’s statement is reproduced below:

Within the past several weeks, registered voters in Alameda have received automated telephone calls and political polling calls related to the November 2nd Mayoral and City Council elections. Unfortunately, when questioned, the pollsters have erroneously stated that the City of Alameda is sponsoring the survey.

The City of Alameda is prohibited by State law from campaigning for or against a candidate for elective officer or sponsoring political polls. No City dollars are being expended on automated telephone calls, political polls, campaign signs, or campaign literature related to the November 2 elections.

Throughout the year, the City hosts numerous community events, including groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, and open houses. Photographs taken by candidates or private citizens at these events and later used in campaign literature in no way imply that the City or its employees endorse any candidate for public office.

Earlier this month, Action Alameda News reported that Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees President Ron Mooney spent $20,000 in the first half of this year with EMC Research of Oakland. Of the many services provided by EMC Research, telephone polling is one.

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