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City Council Review of Boatworks Project Tomorrow

Dear Editor,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5 at 7PM in Alameda’s City Hall, the City Council will review and likely approve the City Planning Department’s final draft of the Boatworks Project at Oak and Clement Streets.

While Boatworks will eliminate blight at Oak and Clement, it will also eliminate the chance of ever building an active park at that location, the last chance to build such a park along the Estuary and provide badly needed park space to our neighborhood, as promised in the City’s 1991 General Plan and as currently zoned.

While the property owner, Francis Collins, proposed 242 high density units on the site, the Planning Department has recommended 182 units and a 100 foot setback from the water as open space, similar to the jogging and dog walking path along Bay Farm’s bayside. However, this 2 acres of land will be part of the development, maintained by the home owners there, and they will likely resent much public use of it. The 2, 3, and 4 story buildings mean that even the Estuary view will be pretty much lost to us.

Please show up at the meeting and let the current council know how you feel about this decision. Your actions will be vital in educating the members of the council who will continue to govern us after the November 2 election.

The agenda for the meeting is attached. Item 6B in ‘regular business’ is the major topic of the meeting.

The complete 113 page City Manager report on the issue is on the city website at

Documents submitted by Dorothy Freeman are in the packet. You can find them linked on the home page of the EPAC website at under the headline, “October 5, City decision threatens to obliterate Park.”

It’s a shame that after we’ve struggled for more than a decade to obtain the park that the City hasn’t done more to obtain the grant funds to purchase the land, grants we’ve pointed out many times.
It’s a shame that our neighbors’ voices, indicated in petitions and testimony, haven’t altered the destiny of Boatworks by much. We have to raise our voices and insist that the new mayor and council elected on November 2nd hear us and understand our needs.

— Joe Woodard, Alameda

2 comments to City Council Review of Boatworks Project Tomorrow

  • Karen Zimmerman

    What blight? Some of us like old, rusty industrial buildings. And this is a shame.

    Too bad there’s no one to vote for in November. It’s the same old clowns running for the same old jobs, ruining our town.

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