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Candidate Adam Gillitt Says Online Comment Confirms City of Alameda Democratic Club Manipulation

Alameda City Council Candidate Adam Gillitt claims that an online comment posted by a City of Alameda Democratic Club volunteer confirms what he says was manipulation of the election process at the Club’s voter registration table at the recent Webster Street Jam. Action Alameda News has confirmed the comment with its author.

Previously, we reported that Mr. Gillitt had asserted that City of Alameda Democratic Club operatives had removed his campaign materials from the Club’s voter registration table at the Jam; Gillitt says that he is a lifelong Democrat.

Last week, Karen Green, a Club volunteer, posted a response to Gillitt’s complaint on a local website, writing, “It was not Flo Hoffman -‘the little old lady’ who removed your material. It was me. I did not know we had to display your literature… I thought you did not deserve having your material displayed.” Action Alameda News confirmed, using an e-mail address for Ms. Green on file, her authorship of the remark. Gillitt offers up Ms. Green’s admission as proof of manipulation of the election process by the Democratic Club.

In a statement, Gillitt reiterated a previous assertion that, before the Jam, Club Co-President Jim Oddie had prevented Gillitt from setting out campaign materials inside the Club’s office on Webster Street, citing a rule precluding the club from displaying materials for municipal candidates before the club had made an endorsement, while allowing candidates Lena Tam and Rob Bonta to distribute materials through the office. The Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee endorsed Alameda Candidates Lena Tam, Rob Bonta and Marie Gilmore on September 11th, and the Alameda Democratic Club endorsed the same three candidates on September 15th.

Gillitt has also said that the Club had inexplicably sent a candidate questionnaire intended for him to a non-existent e-mail address; answers to the questionnaire were supposed to guide Club members in their September 15th endorsement decision.

“People like Ms. Green making unilateral decisions behind the scenes in the name of the Democratic Party and Alameda do a disservice to both, and make this particular club into a joke. She is exactly why I am running for City Council – to end this cycle of insider manipulation,” Gillitt said. “When I first moved to Alameda, I looked to the City of Alameda Democratic Club for guidance as to how to interpret the political lay of the land in Alameda, thinking it spoke in the best interest of the City and Democratic voters.

“Now, the citizens and I see that the focus is being on a Club, supporting its benefactors and pushing its candidates, no matter how flawed and unethical they are, how beholden they are to outside-of-Alameda interests, and how badly its associates at SunCal want back on the island via any means necessary.”

In July, special counsel to the City of Alameda Michael Colontuono asked the Alameda County District Attorney to investigate Alameda City Councilmember Lena Tam over allegations of official misconduct, including forwarding City of Alameda Confidential e-mails to SunCal representatives. The District Attorney declined to pursue an investigation. Action Alameda News has also reported on Rob Bonta’s campaign financing, revealing that the majority of Mr. Bonta’s funding comes from sources outside of Alameda. (This holds true for Bonta’s recent pre-election campaign filing as well.)

6 comments to Candidate Adam Gillitt Says Online Comment Confirms City of Alameda Democratic Club Manipulation

  • Barb

    Everyone is recognizing that the PRO SUNCAL TEAM of TAM BONTA and GILMORE, is in place for one purpose: To give any profits from the future development of this City to SUNCAL. It will also pay all SUNCAL and TAM’s legal fees. We are going to be left with increased traffic congestion, unbuilt public improvements, and some very bad memories of wishing we had the foresight to do have voted differently. Any money remaining in the budget will go to pay for additional firefighters at Alameda Point, and retirements for existing firefighters. There may be no other public services in SUNCAL’s world.

  • Despite all the denials by SunCal protagonists — Jon Spangler, Lauren Do, David Hausman and others — SunCal is obviously interfering in our November election. They are attacking candidates most likely to defeat what we ironically refer to as the “SunCal Slate,” Gilmore, Tam and Bonta. Now, why in the hell would SunCal spend serious money on a video viciously attacking Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant, unless they are trying to influence the election? Who do we think if funding and/or encouraging the AFD union’s attacks on Doug deHaan? Even Frank Matarrese has seen through their ploys. Now…wait for it…somewhere out there, in the AUSD main office…Hot R is lurking and ready to launch into his own denials. Maybe Jon or Hausman would like to take the bait..?

  • Richard Hausman

    Tempest in a tiny teapot.

  • anon

    Yer right Richard. This is small potatoes compared to Lena Tam’s actions – leaking City of Alameda confidential negotiating information to SunCal. Which she admitted to doing on the September 9th special council meeting.

  • Joel

    It is pretty shamefull for elected official to resort to such malicious and false accusation . One has to take in consideration these candidates Gilmore , Tam , Ashcraft have blocked any accurate traffic survey and that is factual , I wonder why ?
    It is even more pathetic to see peoples that cannot see neither can afford such campaign they are all nobody. Where is the money coming from …….
    only truth to it is , Lena Tam did say she forwarded Email from the City to Suncal . But that is not wrong , can we get all the email from the Police dept ? no difference !

  • Barb

    Tam is an engineer so why would she hide facts about traffic? It is wrong for Tam to forward email to SUNCAL. Did she send it to all of us? Don’t we have right to be involved as part of her “due diligence”? Why is SUNCAL better than the people that elected her? Facts are facts.