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Alameda Firefighters Pumpkin Giveaway

The Alameda Firefighters will host their 10th annual Pumpkin Giveaway tomorrow at Franklin Park.

The event runs from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is upon to Alameda children up to ten years of age. The firefighters will have onsite a restored antique fire engine as well as modern equipment.

1 comment to Alameda Firefighters Pumpkin Giveaway

  • Anon

    How many firefighters actually live in Alameda? At a time when public employee pensions are bankrupting our City, and after their hit piece on good people who really care about this town, a few pumpkins is pretty cheesy. I think all they really want is more jobs at Alameda Point and think SUNCAL has promised them that. Well SUNCAL promises the world, but only delivers the world of bankruptcy where cities and employers are free to hire non-union employees, if approved by the referee in bankruptcy.