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Alamedans For Fair Taxation Recommends James Pruitt and Rand Wrobel for School Board

Dear Editor,

Alamedans for Fair Taxation recommends James Pruitt and Rand Wrobel for School Board

We have interviewed many of the condidates for school board and encourage your support for James Pruitt and Rand Wrobel. They have conveyed a willingness to listen to all Alamedans, and they have shown a willingness to consider new solutions in these difficult times. James Pruitt brings to the table decades of experience and success in labor negotiations. He has an easygoing manner that will allow him to circulate between the teachers, the administration, the parents and the taxpayers. Rand Wrobel brings charter school experience to the table, and a very personal experience of dealing with a special needs child. Charter schools, while they may not be the entire solution to the financial crisis and the future of education, should certainly be part of the solution. Both James and Rand seem genuinely interested in the schools, as opposed to many a budding politician looking for the first rung on the political ladder.

We further recommend that the voters impose term limits for Mike McMahon. If it had not been for a drafting error in the new charter, he would not be eligible for a third term. During his time the financial situation at the schools have spiraled steadily downward. If he had workable solutions, he should have enacted them by now. Instead we witness that several of his family members have gotten employment from the district. I am sure that he will argue that they got the employment fair and square, but to us it reeks of nepotism. It also puts him in a position where his loyalty is divided. For instance his vote on salary and benefits will impact family members. As such he is serving two masters. So, we simply suggest that the voters invoke term limits.

— Ed Hirshberg, Alamedans for Fair Taxation

1 comment to Alamedans For Fair Taxation Recommends James Pruitt and Rand Wrobel for School Board

  • I followed Ed’s recommendations for school board member votes, holding back my absentee ballot long enough to vote for Pruitt and Wroebel. And I am glad to see his comments about Mike McMahon, which echo a letter I had published in the Journal calling for his retirement. A vote for McMahon is a vote for the status quo, and Alameda public schools are not only poorly managed but not scoring “Excellent” by any definition on the various proficiency tests. “Keep Alameda Schools Excellent” (KASE) was a lie! If we can defeat McMahon, let’s see if the March school parcel tax initiative isn’t a lot more fair and more modest than Measure E was.