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BioTime Expands Alameda Headquarters

BioTime Inc., a biotech company based in Alameda’s Harbor Bay Business Park, is expanding their corporate headquarters.

The company announced this week that they have signed a new lease effective December 1st that will extend BioTime’s existing space in the business park from 6,000 square feet to 17,000 square feet. The firm will also have a right of first refusal on an additional 10,000 square feet of adjacent space. BioTime says they will use the new space for offices and laboratories. In a statement, BioTime’s CEO Dr. Michael D. West said, “Our location in Alameda within San Francisco’s biotechnology corridor will also provide access to the talent necessary to advance our wide array of scalable and purified human cell types toward the clinic.” The company is focused on regenerative medicine.

1 comment to BioTime Expands Alameda Headquarters

  • Back in the late 80s and early 90s, I attended many meetings between my client, Ron Cowan, and various UC Chancellors and with Larry Ellison of Oracle. Ron had a vision of Alameda as “Silicon Island,” hosting many bio-thecnology companies, which he saw as the next wave in medical and tech breakthroughs. He was able to get the UC Systemwide Office of Patents & Trademarks in a large building in the Harbor Bay Business Park as well, and they soon became Lazzari & Green clients.

    Just as Ron was a visionary about restoring the Bay Rea’s ferry system, he saw the future of bio-tech as the next big thing in science and innovation. After a certain point, he didn’t even care if such companies were located only at HBBP, but worked to make them welcome everywhere. One of the farthest frontiers is nanotechnology, and regenerative cell technology, so I’m sure this development is music to his ears!