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New Community Access TV Show “Alameda View”

Dear Editor,

We are proud to announce a new biweekly Community Access Television show entitled “ALAMEDA VIEW.”

In the first episode, candidates for local office are interviewed, including Jean Sweeney for City Council, and Vice-Mayor Doug Dehaan, for Mayor. These interviews include background videos and photos of the contestants in the 6th Annual Haunt Your House Competition benefiting the Alameda Food Bank. Some decorated non-contestant homes are also included, so take a look. If you can’t get out at night, or would simply like to see all the contestants that were available at deadline in the safety of your own home – they are pretty scary!! – watch Alameda View, produced by Dennis Thomas. The show will be broadcast on Comcast, and available online at

Suggestions for future shows, or other comments may be sent to the producer,

Yours truly,

Dennis Thomas

5 comments to New Community Access TV Show “Alameda View”

  • Dennis

    Having a great deal of trouble co-ordinating with Comcast’s requirements and the show has yet to be played on air. It is being segmented onto YouTube, and Please take the time to check out the Entries in the 6th Annual Haunt Your House Competition benefitting the Food Bank. The entries are awesome. Everyone who has basic cable should check to make sure they get channels 22, 23, 24, 25, 27,28 and 32, 33. Comes with basic cable and includes the Community Access and Peralta channels. APT had a filter that blocked those frequencies, and Comcast slipped new channels that it is required to provide as a term of the monopoly they were given. Thank you for your indulgence in the time it takes to get this aired.

  • The entire show is here now. Please watch before Halloween to make sure that it is safe to go out Trick or Treating!

    Dennis, Producer

  • Anthony

    What is the procedure to air produced programs on Alameda’s public access channel ?

  • c gottstein

    What about Channels 15 & 29 (AUSD Channel)? Exactly which one(s) is the Alameda public access channel?