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SunCal’s Perseverance is Extreme

Dear Editor,

Relevant specifically to Alameda residents, “SunCal”, a huge developer of dubious, if not outright criminal ethical standards, who last year attempted to facilitate their agenda by penning a 278 page voter referendum in flagrantly misleading language, is now trying to get their marionettes elected to mayoral and city council positions, again using subterfuge and deception, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars under the name, usually found in very small print (since they really don’t want it traced), “The Taxpayer Network”. The “Taxpayer Network” is in fact none other than SunCal pretending to represent some faction of Alameda’s voters, which if polled would probably include only the candidates they support: Lena Tam, Rob Bonta and Marie Gilmore. The referendum was defeated soundly by an 85% voter rejection and SunCal has since filed suit against the city of Alameda, so it’s hard to believe that their fans amount to anyone not officially or secretly on their payroll.

Alameda is a city of may be 75,000 people. SunCal’s perseverance and financial investment are so extreme, one wonders if there isn’t something way beyond their wanting a contract to build a few houses that’s motivating them.

— Steve Andersen, Alameda

4 comments to SunCal’s Perseverance is Extreme

  • Barb

    When one has enough income or other resources to more than just live at the poverty level, the pursuit of money and or power in and for itself becomes very ugly. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    People who have a lot of money such as the Elieff’s who own SUNCAL, do so becasue they value money more than anything else. They are so perverse and empty that they think only more money and power can satisfy their needs. It won’t. Old saying is true. Money doesn’t buy happiness.

    And the people who serve them, serve blindly without regard to consequences of what they do. They too are only seeking money and power. In Alameda the SUNCAL candidates seek election only to promulgate their own agendas. Either they are on board with SUNCAL’s planned devastation of Alameda, or they will be too embedded to object. None of the three, GILMORE, TAM or BONTA has shown the courage to eat SUNCAL’s food, drink SUNCAL’s drinks, mingle with SUNNCAL’s folks, and then vote against them in the morning.

  • Barb, nicely polite paraphrase of Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh’s real quote. He pulled that one on me when I was buying him lunch and drinks at the Fire House in Sacramento, on my UC Systemwide lobbyist’s account. We can only hope that those who have smiled on SunCal, or benefited from their attack ads on opponents will lose today.

    Our AUSD Trustee election will also be fateful for Alameda. Will voters extend Mike McMahon’s eight year tenure into twelve? If you see how well he’s managed the district to date, you may vote to have him retired, perhaps to some island where they conducted the H-Bomb tests…

  • See you in four years Dennis.

  • anon

    isn’t that just like mike mcmahon – smug and arrogant

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