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Alameda Election Results

Nov. 3rd, 6:30 a.m., 48 precincts out of 48 reporting…

Alameda City Council
NP – Rob Bonta 6591 20.23
NP – Beverly J. Johnson 5729 17.58
NP – Lena Tam 5540 17.00
NP – Jean Sweeney 5204 15.97
NP – Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft 4006 12.29
NP – Tracy Jensen 2303 7.07
NP – Adam Gillitt 1702 5.22
NP – Jeff Mitchell 1406 4.32
Write-in 102 0.31

Alameda Mayor
NP – Marie Gilmore 6713 36.45
NP – Frank Matarrese 4419 23.99
NP – Doug Dehaan 4334 23.53
NP – Tony Daysog 2216 12.03
NP – Kenneth Kahn 668 3.63
Write-in 68 0.37

NP – Marjorie ”Margie” Sherratt 10295 36.64
NP – Mike Mcmahon 6566 23.37
NP – James Pruitt 3630 12.92
NP – Clay Pollard 3251 11.57
NP – Sheri Palmer 2437 8.67
NP – Rand Wrobel 1827 6.50
Write-in 95 0.34

Health Care Board
NP – Robert Deutsch 8049 30.65
NP – Stewart Chen 6430 24.49
NP – Elliott Gorelick 6199 23.61
NP – Leah Williams 5437 20.70
Write-in 145 0.55

11:06 p.m.
Updates coming in quicker now…15 precincts out of 48 reporting…

Alameda City Council
NP – Rob Bonta 4150 19.79
NP – Beverly J. Johnson 3716 17.72
NP – Lena Tam 3615 17.24
NP – Jean Sweeney 3324 15.85
NP – Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft 2684 12.80
NP – Tracy Jensen 1464 6.98
NP – Adam Gillitt 1066 5.08
NP – Jeff Mitchell 890 4.24
Write-in 59 0.28

Alameda Mayor
NP – Marie Gilmore 4221 36.22
NP – Frank Matarrese 2852 24.47
NP – Doug Dehaan 2780 23.85
NP – Tony Daysog 1388 11.91
NP – Kenneth Kahn 378 3.24
Write-in 35 0.30

NP – Marjorie ”Margie” Sherratt 6756 37.44
NP – Mike Mcmahon 4380 24.28
NP – James Pruitt 2157 11.95
NP – Clay Pollard 1929 10.69
NP – Sheri Palmer 1601 8.87
NP – Rand Wrobel 1165 6.46
Write-in 55 0.30

Health Care Board
NP – Robert Deutsch 5523 31.28
NP – Stewart Chen 4263 24.14
NP – Elliott Gorelick 4185 23.70
NP – Leah Williams 3597 20.37
Write-in 90 0.51

10:57 p.m.

In the Alameda City Council race, with 7 precincts reporting, Rob Bonta has 19.54% (3,543) of the vote, Beverly Johnson has moved into second place with 17.79% (3,226), and Lena Tam is in third with 17.45% (3,164).

Marie Gilmore leads the Mayoral race with 36.30% (3,643) followed by Frank Matarrese at 24.51% (2,460) and Doug deHaan at 23.80% (2,388)

Margie Sherratt and Mike McMahon lead the school board race with 37.77% (5,892) and 24.73% (3,858) of the votes, respectively.

Robert Deutsch leads the Health Care District Board race with 31.41% (4,887) followed by Stewart Chen at 24.13% (3,755) and Elliott Gorelick at 23.92% (3,722)

10:00 p.m.

Alameda County Registrar of Voters website down…

9:15 p.m.

City of Alameda Health Care District – Robert Deutsch 31.49% (4,385), Elliott Gorelick 24.08% (3,355), and Stewart Chen 23.96% (3,339) with incumbent Leah Williams trailing and possibly shut out of the Board.

8:35 p.m.

In the AUSD Board of Trustees race, based on vote-by-mail ballots only, from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, Margie Sherratt leads the race with 37.52% (5,113) of the votes, followed by Mike McMahon with 24.97% (3,402) of the votes.

8:23 p.m.

Early election results – vote by mail ballots released just after 8 p.m. – show Rob Bonta and incumbent Lena Tam leading the Alameda City Council race, with 19.29% (3,063) and 17.78% (2,823) of the votes. Marie Gilmore leads the Mayoral race with 36.16% (3,168) of the votes. Incumbent Mayor Beverly Johnson, running for a City Council seat, is trailing third at 17.76% (2,819) of the votes. If Marie Gilmore or Doug deHaan were elected Mayor, the council candidate ranking third would take the vacated seat.

18 comments to Alameda Election Results

  • elliott.gorelick

    Back up 7 precincts reporting. Nothing really changed.

  • Karen Zimmerman

    Bummer. But hardly a mandate. We’ll have to be especially vigilant.

  • anon

    It was an 8-way contest for 2 council seats and a 5-way content for Mayor, so there is definitely going to be some vote splitting. The rules are clear: the top 2 vote getters make it to the Council (ok, in this case it was top 3).

    Was it not a mandate because your candidate(s) lost? I’ve been there in the past and don’t blame you thinking so :)

  • It will be interesting to see what happens with ranked-choice voting in Oakland. What Karen may be referring to is the long-standing problem of the “first past the post” voting system, where the top vote getter(s) are elected, even though the actual number of votes in their favor does not represent a majority of the population. There are more than 40,000 registered voters in Alameda, so 10,000 votes for the “winner” represents around 25% of potential voters. 6,000 votes is about 14% of potential voters, and so on. It’s a shame – for all candidates – that voter turn-out is perennially low.

  • Liz Williams

    Am I the only one who could just throttle Doug “Ralph Nader” DeHaan for running for mayor?

  • anon

    Liz, he’s made a career out of it … running 2x so far and failing miserably. But your premise is flawed, there’s no guarantee that everybody voting for him would’ve voted for Frank (assuming he was your preferred candidate). Even if 50% did, Frank would still be #2.

  • Betty

    The door is opened. Our city manager and city attorney will be out of a job in Jan. A SunCal stooge will be hired as city manager and another for city attorney. They are going to run Alameda into the ground along with Glimore and her pals. You asked for it Alameda…now you’ll get it.

    It’s a very sad day…a very sad day.

  • Hot r

    Silly, sillier and silliest. Slander and innuendo lost and the smartest people won. You can blame the Suncal suit on the city manager and city attorney who acted in bad faith. They should move on. Take on the role of the loyal opposition, but stop with all the personal attacks so prevalent on this website.

  • Betty

    Hot r…you are an idiot.

  • Betty

    Hot r …I don’t think so……but you know I take that back. I just feel very sorry for you. You belong in the group I call pathetic.
    Alameda voted for a person that broke the law and should have been convicted.
    Alameda voted for a person who was backed by suncal and kept on denying it.
    Alameda voted for a person for mayor who takes 2 hours to complete a sentence and who finally said No to Measure B a week before the election when we knew it was going down to defeat.
    If you trust these people…go ahead. Alameda is going down the toilet and we have people like you to thank. Say what you want…I am not checking back on this site. I have other things to do.

  • dlm

    Yes, an idiot, precisely. All these cheesy little spin games won’t help, Hot r, when the sh!t hits the fan, which it will. How does Gilmore negotiate effectively with the firefighters union, when they’re her #1 supporters?

    Both Gilmore and Tam did precisely what local pols have been doing for years: courting developers and public unions to finance their campaigns. There’s nothing clever or special about it. Take a look at the unfunded pension obligations to see where that strategy got us.

  • Hot r

    Gosh that really hurt. And you even threw in a racist comment about our new mayor too Betty. Dim do you mean pols like Johnson, Dehaan and Mattarese?

  • anon

    dlm, the only candidate to have accepted any funding from a developer was Beverly, to the tune of $10k.

    Enough with the personal attacks (Betty and dlm).

  • dlm

    No, that’s your racist thought, Hot r.

  • Betty

    Hot r…you are too funny. I love messin with you. hugs!

  • anon – Gilmore, Tam and Bonta clearly rode to victory on the back of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars of spending by SunCal, directly, through attack mailers and ads on their opponents, and in all likelihood, through The Taxpayer Network. (Somebody funded all those attack mailers sent by The Taxpayer Network.)

    It’s disingenuous to say that they didn’t accept developer money – they don’t have to cash a check in their campaign bank account to be funded by developers.

  • Hate to point this out…well…not really, especially as Hot R gets a boner for Marie:

    “A beggar on horseback
    lashes a beggar on foot.
    Comes the Revolution,
    they change places,
    And nothing more.”

    — Wiilliam Butler Yeats

  • anon

    It looks like Lena might finish ahead of Bev … yay!

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