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City of Alameda Files Response to SunCal Public Records Act Lawsuit

Last week, attorneys for the City of Alameda filed a response in Alameda County Superior Court to SunCal’s complaint against the City under the California Public Records Act.

In his response, attorney David Newdorf asserts that the City of Alameda, contrary to SunCal’s complaint, has provided copies of “hundreds of e-mails” to and from Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant and Alameda City Council, and that the real intent of the lawsuit was to accelerate for SunCal legal discovery for SunCal’s federal breach of contract lawsuit against the City. Mr. Newdorf’s filing also says that the term “witch hunts” that SunCal used in their original complaint, more accurately describes the SunCal-funded political hit pieces against Interim City Ann Marie Gallant during this past election cycle.

The lawsuit is case number RG-10537988 and the case is expected to drag into the new year unless there is an early resolution.

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