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City of Alameda to Negotiate Long-term Agreement to Manage AUSD Recreational Facilities

In the wake of the abrupt closure of Alameda Unified School District swimming pool facilities, a joint subcommittee of the Alameda City Council has recommended that Alameda negotiate a long-term agreement with the District to manage its recreational facilities. There will be a special Alameda City Council meeting tonight to discuss.

The Emma Hood Swim Center was set to re-open yesterday after an abrupt closure resulting from non-compliance with new regulations. The Encinal High School swimming pools remain closed pending further engineering work.

According to the City staff report, the joint subcommittee met on October 28th to discuss an expedient resolution to the swimming pool closures. At that meeting, according to the report, the committee reached a consensus that the Interim City Manager for the City of Alameda should begin negotiations with the Alameda Unified School District regarding a 30-year joint-use agreement in which the City of Alameda would assume responsibility for the maintenance and capital expenditures of all recreational facilities and fields operated by AUSD. The details of the agreement would be finalized through the negotiation process between the City and the school district.

Alameda City Council meets tonight at 7:00 p.m. in Council chambers to discuss the proposal.

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