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City of Alameda Moves to Dismiss or Transfer SunCal Federal Lawsuit

In a filing last month in United States District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division, attorneys for the City of Alameda asked the court to dismiss SunCal’s breach of contract lawsuit against the City of Alameda, or transfer it to a local venue, on the basis that SunCal’s attorneys improperly filed the suit in a Southern California court.

Attorneys for the City cite a number of reasons why the Southern California venue is improper, including the local interest of Alameda and San Francisco Bay Area citizens in the outcome of the case, the location of Alameda Point and the defendants in the case, and the residency in Northern California of witnesses – City of Alameda witnesses, Alameda citizen witnesses, City consultant witnesses, etc. – that may be called to testify in the case. The motion asks the Court to dismiss the case because the venue where SunCal filed it does not apply, or at least transfer the case to the Northern District of California.

The filing is reproduced below, and the Court is expect to rule on the motion on November 22.

Alamed a Federal Motion to Change Venue

2 comments to City of Alameda Moves to Dismiss or Transfer SunCal Federal Lawsuit

  • Barb

    I aasume SUNCAL sought to bring the lawsuit in a venue that didn’t already have SUNCAL litigation and therefore would know how poorly SUNCAL does everything.

  • We’ll all be watching the newly-elected SunCal Slate to see how they proceed. Will they, as many of their “former” proponents have long urged, fire ICM Gallant and City Attorney Highsmith? Will they continue to oppose these lawsuits from the dais, or soften their supposed rejection of SunCal and itts interference in our recent election, which no doubt helped all of them?

    SunCal’s tactics have been so smarmy that they should be condemned to Developer Hell, the Ninth Ring, where they are turned upside down in buckets of toxic soil, underwater. Sorry, EBMUD can’t help!

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