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Presentation on Webster Street Vision Tonight at Alameda City Council Meeting

Expect more traffic lights and park-and-ride lots along Webster Street, according to a “Webster Street Vision 2010,” presentation, prepared by Urban Design Associates, to be provided to Alameda City Council tonight.

The presentation will be provided to Council tonight under “City Manager Communications.” Along with streetscape improvements, Urban Design Associates suggests that the City of Alameda consider traffic lights at the intersections of Eagle, Pacific, Haight and Taylor Avenues and Webster Street. The proposal also calls for park-and-ride lots at the north end of Webster Street, near the Webster and Posey Tubes and near Ralph Apezzato Parkway. It also calls for a “Beltline linear park” running alongside Ralph Appezzato Parkway and improvements to Neptune Park which is squeezed into the space between Constitution Way, Webster Street, and Independence Plaza.

Presentation of the vision document is agenda item 5-A on tonight’s regular Alameda City Council meeting. The document is also reproduced below.

Webster Street Vision 2010

4 comments to Presentation on Webster Street Vision Tonight at Alameda City Council Meeting

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  • hobnob

    Adding more traffic lights to the already congested Webster Street will just cause more conjestion. Since there are only 3 ways off/on the island and Webster tube being one of them, it’s an awful idea to add more traffic lights.

    Ever since they added that traffic light at Willie Stargate, conjestion is worse off the island and sometimes on the island. If you want to add more lights, you need to encourage people to get out of their cars and SHOP and eat in the area. Have more parking lots available. We have one on Taylor, but you need another maybe near Atlantic. Webster looks better than it did 8 years ago, I’ll say that. But Webster St is still a main street on the island, 1/2 the people drive through Webster to go somewhere else.

    Also, if you do add more traffic lights on webster, please, consider the traffic flow – like park street when it’s busy, there is usually a lot of traffic within a few blocks of Central b/c of the pedestrians… it’s senseless to have such a jam at a central point. Add a turn signal or add something that will alleviate traffic flow.

    I had made that suggestion for Park st but got rejected by the city b/c the traffic flow of that area didn’t warrent the change.

  • Page 22 of the presentation talks about “share/meter” private lots and more small surface parking lots.

  • Ever since Base Closure, Webster Street has been the orphan of city planning, and Leslie Little, the so-called “Economic Development Director,” one of the higher paid City employees, has a very spotty track record. Business “Retention.” not good, as the closed businesses on Park and Webstker attest. “Business Recruitment,” her other main task? Name all the new businesses located here because of her efforts.

    Otherwise, just tell us why so many City employees, like Little, are being paid over $200,000 per year in salary and benefits. While the residents and taxpayers are having to cut back..? These people are not necessarily incompetent, just not very effective. But if we can’t reorganize City government and staffing, how can we possibly meet the many millions in unfunded pension obligations the City faces?