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Track Santa’s Journey to Alameda

A website operated by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Google allows parents and children to track Santa’s journey from the North Pole. The Countdown has already begun.

The official NORAD Santa Tracker website will provide videos from “Santa Cams” tomorrow, tracking Santa’s journey, and detailed specifications on Santa’s sleigh. It also provides tools to track Santa’s flight via Google Earth.

Starting early tomorrow morning, children can call NORAD’s Santa tracking operations center at 1-877-446-6723 to get a precise fix on Santa’s location from a NORAD staffer.

NORAD suggest leaving carrots for Santa’s reindeer and plans to document on the website how many cookies Santa eats during this year’s flight. According to the website, it’s impossible to predict when Santa will arrive at any given location, including Alameda; Santa keeps moving from location to location to be able to deliver gifts only to sleeping children.

The video below, provided by NORAD and Google, provides a compilation of Santa Cam video excerpts from Christmas 2009.

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