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Wilma Chan’s Measure A Rebuttal Signature Questioned

Incoming Alameda County District 3 Supervisor Wilma Chan signed the Measure A “in-favor” ballot argument rebuttal statement, dating it December 22, 2010 and signing her title as “Alameda County Supervisor.” However, she won’t take her seat until January 3rd, and until then, is not officially an Alameda County Supervisor.

Calls to the Alameda County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors confirmed that Ms. Chan won’t be a County Supervisor until January 3rd. A county supervisor meeting agenda packet dated as recently as December 21 listed Alice Lai-Bitker as the sitting supervisor for District 3.

Alameda County Deputy Registrar of Voters Cynthia Cornejo told Action Alameda News, “She won’t take her seat until January 3rd. However, we are comfortable with her title as provided as that will be her title on January 27th when the ballot pamphlet is issued. We are still in the time period that allows for someone to file a writ of mandate to challenge the rebuttal statements.”

Leland Traiman, who filed ballot argument and rebuttal statements on behalf of the Committee Against Measure A in Alameda, and was told earlier this week that one of his five rebuttal signatories would be dropped from the opposition rebuttal statement, told Action Alameda News, “It looks like there are two sets of rules at the Registrar of Voters office – one for proponents of the ballot measure, and a different set of rules for the opponents.”

Action Alameda News attempted to contact Wilma Chan yesterday by e-mail and by telephone, leaving a message at her home, but had not heard back form her by press time.

California law provides a 10 calendar day public examination period after the statements are filed, during which time the statements may be challenged with a writ of mandate. During multiple attempts this week to contact Alameda County officials, such as David McDonald, the Registrar of Voters, Cynthia Cornejo, the Deputy Registrar of Voters, and Richard E. Winnie, Alameda County Counsel, county workers told Action Alameda News that the officials were on vacation. Yesterday, Action Alameda News insisted on, and received, a call back from Deputy Registrar of Voters Cynthia Cornejo.

1 comment to Wilma Chan’s Measure A Rebuttal Signature Questioned

  • Janiece

    How could Wilma be so dishonest? Does she think we are really so stupid as to not be suspicious of her motives and those of the school district? Everyone knows her name and who she is, why lie? I voted for her but am really disappointed.