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Gilmore, Bonta Form Subcommittee to Find City Manager

At the regular meeting of the Alameda City Council last night, Mayor Marie Gilmore disclosed that at the December 28th special City Council meeting, a subcommittee of council consisting of Gilmore and Vice-Mayor Rob Bonta will lead the search for a full-time City Manager.

Gilmore and Bonta, along with Councilmember Lena Tam, voted at that same December 28th meeting to dismiss Interim City Manager Anne Marie Gallant.

Council also gave direction to staff to update a recruitment brochure for the City Manager position. Unlike the old brochure, the base salary will be left vague – open to negotiation based on candidate experience and a review of comparable salaries.

The previous recruitment brochure, which is 5 to 6 years old, summarized the compensation for the position as follows:

  • Base salary: $175,000 – $200,000
  • Deferred compensation: 1% of salary paid by the city; Employee compensation 2% of salary
  • Retirement: CalPers 2% at age 55 based on single highest earning year
  • Flexible benefit plan: $101/month, $100K term life insurance
  • Long Term Disability: City provides LTD up to $8,000/month
  • Vacation: 3 weeks paid vacation
  • Auto allowance: $381/month

8 comments to Gilmore, Bonta Form Subcommittee to Find City Manager

  • Bob

    What makes Bonta qualified to pair up with Gilmore to choose our next city manager? In fact, what makes Gilmore qualified?

    Which of the five council people voted to allow Bonta and Gilmore to do this?

    Why didn’t they choose Gilmore and Johnson, or Gilmore and DeHaan?
    I am so glad Tam’s not paired up to do this, but I think even Gilmore realizes how bad it would look if they were publicly paired on this task. How much input are the SunCal people putting into this “search”

    During the campaign, Gilmore said, with her ever so cute smile, that she could work with “everyone.”

  • Barb

    Shouldn’t they be given a test to determine if they first know what type of government Alameda has? You know, ask what they think the City Manager’s responsibilities are, and the Councilmembers? What kind of executive recruiting experience do these bozos have? I understand a subcommittee to review candidates as a way for weeding out those that would actually put these clows in their place. But the entire Council has a right to participate, not just these two. Where are these guys getting their legal advice? I can understand why Johnson and DeHaan would want no part of it.

  • Remember that the city is on an “aggressive” time line to fill the position, even if it takes creative thinking “outside the box,” like hiring someone completely unfamiliar with California Civil and Municipal code from the business sector, like New Mayor Marie Gilmore proposed last night. This suggestion caught everyone completely off guard, and fell flat, as it was offered after a lengthy discussion by other members of the Council as to why it was so crucial to hire someone with previous California City Management experience. Also, curiously, Lisa Goldman announced that San Leandro is just one of over a half dozen Bay Area cities, including Alameda, that is now actively recruiting for a new City Manager.

  • DHL

    Ummmmmmmm……….. Isn’t this another violation of The Brown Act? This subcommittee was not even mentioned in the 12/18/2010 closed session meeting report. sheesh. Gilmore, like her behavior presiding over the meeting last night, is just willy nilly. a mayor is supposed to have well thought out strategies and leadership. this is not what we’re seeing.

  • DHL

    Also: if Gilmore and Bonta are the City Manager job search subcommittee appointees, why weren’t they prepared for last night’s discussion? Why didn’t they have any meaningful guidance for the city or even to say last night on this topic? I’ve rarely seen such an ineffective, poor discussion on a planned topic in meeting.

  • Barb

    Yes DHL once again another Brown Act violation. I don’t know, perhaps they can only communicate by confidential emails to each other. Or texting each other while up at the dais. Aren’t BONTA and GILMORE both lawyers? (I don’t care if she doesn’t pay dues, she didn’t erase 3 years of legal education and years of practical experience when she was elected) Don’t they get it? NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC!! aka VOTERS! This is not one Brown Act violation. It is becoming a continuing course of conduct and their unchecked modus operandi. Thank You DA O’Malley!

    Adam: Someone from the business section? Mr. GILMORE perhaps or one of his buddies? I suggest she read CRASH OF THE TITANS before going forward with something so idiotic. We don’t pay bonuses. At least that way the new manager wouldn’t know the Three Stooges were so stupid, ignorant and out of touch for at least a week. And by that time the person would be trapped into a year or longer contract.
    These people really did Ann Marie a favor. Having to work for such ignoramuses would drive anyone with a brain, understanding of municipal operations, concept of the law and finances out of their skulls.

  • Supposedly, we have a “Strong City Manager/Titular Mayor” form of city government, true? If so, all these maneuvers are completely out of tune with the intent of the City Charter, besides the Brown Act. I’ve worked on two of Governor Brown’s campaigns myself, and have some clear channels of communication. I doubt that he would interfere, but a heads up couldn’t hurt…anyone but the guilty!

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