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Council Makes Few Decisions in Closed Session Meeting

In a closed session meeting last Tuesday, Alameda City Council considered several items but rendered few decisions.

Documents obtained by Action Alameda News show the score. The first item, “anticipated litigation,” – widely believed to relate to potential lawsuits from former Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant and former City Attorney Teresa Highsmith, who were dismissed late last month – was handled by Council with “No action taken. Legal counsel discussed possible claims, and received legal advice.”

The report on the second item, “United States v. City of Alameda, et al,” carried the report, “The Acting City Attorney provided explanation of the status of the lawsuit and a stipulated order. Council provided direction.”

The third item also involved former Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant, in the case of SunCal’s federal lawsuit against the City of Alameda, “SCC Alameda v. City of Alameda, et al, U.S. District Court 4.” Council approved retaining separate counsel for defendant Gallant for reasons of conflict of interest. Apparently, the City of Alameda will have to provide defense for Gallant against SunCal’s lawsuit even as the former Interim City Manager potentially sues the City over her dismissal.

Finally, Council made no decision but provided direction to staff in the matter of a workers’ compensation claim against the City of Alameda by John Cayanne.

2011-01-25 Closed Session Announcements

4 comments to Council Makes Few Decisions in Closed Session Meeting

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  • Barb

    Suspect that Council Action will soon become Council Inaction, with more and more of the City’s limited budget going to attorneys’ fees. Tam’s. Gilmore’s Bonta’s and all the City employees that they have treated improperly. Hopefully the City should be able to pursue a claim against Meyers, Nave too.

  • Betty

    Our city council certainly has lead us down the path of big time trouble. Why not just let Gallant and Highsmith work until their contracts expired? Because of our city councils actions we are paying salaries and benefits for two people to sit at home for several months. Now with the changing of law firms again we have to pay for these lawyers to go over all past documents etc. to get caught up on all of our lawsuits. And we’ll probably have future lawsuits because of the councils actions.
    Our city council is flushing our money down the drain. They should become responsible and mature and stop thinking about themselves and start dealing with reality starting with Alameda’s budget. With the immaturity and rudeness of our city council who would want to work with them? From what I remember the City Manager does run the city’s business. Madame Mayor I hope you remember that too. You aren’t the center of the universe and start acting like a responsible adult and not a spoiled child.

  • Another closed meeting? So much for transparency! Maybe we need to do a Cairo.

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