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AUSD Parcel Tax Guide

Dear Editor,


Here is a simple guide to help you figure your tax under the proposed Measure A school tax.

The tax is based on the size of your building.

1000 sq.ft. $320
2000 sq.ft. $640
3000sq.ft. $960
4000sq.ft. $1280
5000sq.ft. $1600
10,000 sq.ft. $3200
20,000 sq.ft. $6400
25,000 sq.ft. $7999
50,000sq.ft $7999
100,000 sq.ft. $7999
200,000 sq.ft. $7999
500,000 sq.ft. $7999
700,000 sq.ft. $7999 (Largest property)

Parking lot of any size attached to building: No tax.

Marina of any size attached to building: No tax.

Athletic facilities of any size attached to building: No tax.

Businesses at Alameda Point and Alameda Theater complex (possessory interest): No tax.

Vacant land of any size: $299

Think and Vote Responsibly,

— Ed Hirshberg

11 comments to AUSD Parcel Tax Guide

  • Sharpie

    Our public education is a dysfunctional system managed by non-educators and favoring tenured teaching.

    You can not force a change in the system by continuing to fund the status quo.

    Send a message of reform – Vote No

  • Barb

    Based on the Alameda County records, my 2 bedroom craftsman triggers a $791 parcel tax. I didn’t think it possible. It doesn’t even have 3 bedrooms. The good news is I can vote for it, and then have a Senior’s exception so I don’t have to pay the tax! Now that is really fair don’t you think? Or should I try to ensure that everyone who can’t afford it is entitled to not pay the tax? 2 parcels on my street are already in foreclosure, similar to hundreds of other homes in Alameda. Wouldn’t it be icing on the cake to kick out those that can’t afford their homes as it is, to pay a tax to keep 58 non-teaching teachers/administrators, servicing the hundreds of out of city students?

  • anon

    guess the alameda journal doesn’t wnat anyone reading bad stuff about ausd and theyre school closure plan

  • Han

    Ausd bad bad, dishonest, and too much…. And the major problem administrators and teachers not taking responsibilities. Super costly!

  • If you read carefully the destination of that new and extra, ( on top of the $80 million from other sources, PER YEAR!), $12 million in parcel tax Measure A, you find things like this:

    “Attract and retain excellent teachers.” but, since AUSD is a locked-tight seniority system, all those new, excellent teachers will be laid off long before the trolls.

    “Close the achievement gap.” which is really a “teaching achievement gap,” but simply code language for more teacher’s salaries.

    “Keep neighborhood schools open.” That is, those under-enrolled schools which aren’t cost effective, but are closer to my home, so I don’t have to drive so far every morning… And I’m sure that one came from all those community groups, especially the folks who don’t have kids in school!

    “Protect class size reduction.” A ploy to keep 37.5% more teachers employed in those grades reduced from 32 students to 20. What declining enrollment?

    Don’t be fooled by Measure A. Insist on education reforms, teacher accountability, open enrollment at all schools, before giving them another dime!

  • NoOnA

    Jon Spangler has (once again) been exposed as a FRAUD. It is very easy to advocate for the passage of a parcel tax when you are not going to pay for it … should it pass! In Jon’s case, he is NOT a homeowner and it might be best for him to recuse himself from any Measure A discussions.

  • Hot r

    But Dennis Green is not a homeowner either and Hirschberger does not even live in Alameda. Yet both advocate very strongly against the parcel tax, both in the last election and this one, while attacking all outside influences.

    all those who long for the good old days and continually attack public education should read the article in the Washington Post. It turns out that the USA NEVER led the world in any educational category, like math or science, and at best has been mediocre. Only recently have we improved.

  • Anonymous

    As opposed to Ed H who’s not a resident, right, NoOnA? You may not like it but in a democracy, people vote, not property.

    Furthermore, some part of the tax gets passed to renters, the proportion depending on the elasticies of supply and demand in the rental market.

  • Smart voter

    How fair do you think it is, when Ed H. who owns property in this town and has to pay a tax that he is not allowed to vote on?
    How fair is it, that seniors can vote for a tax that they them self don’t have to pay?
    Spangler has promoted this tax and the previous one also even though he does not have to pay it.
    It’s easy to promote something that will not affect you, we can see this at City owned property ( Angela’s, Burgermeister, the Theater) and at the Navy base ( Bladium), all are in favor of a tax that they don’t pay.

  • Anonymous

    Re. Ed H. It’s called democracy. I’m not sure you get the idea. Do you propose that votes be allocated according to property value in the city and allow landowners, regardless of residency? Or that we impose a property qualification to vote? Ed H is free to speak out about it, and people are free to comment on his lack of residency. But vote? No he cannot, nor should he be able to.

    John S. does have to pay at least some of the tax, assuming he pays rent. Anyone who’s taken high-school economics can explain it to you.

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