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Alameda’s Wind River to Work With McAfee on Security for Mobile Devices

Yesterday, Alameda’s Wind River announced an agreement with McAfee, the anti-virus software company, to develop and market security solutions for devices other than personal computers, such as mobile devices. Wind River is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation and a self-proclaimed world leader in embedded and mobile software.

McAfee estimates that the number of connected devices will grow to 50 billion by year 2020, with most of this growth coming from embedded and mobile devices in segments such as industrial control, energy management, automotive, national infrastructure, defense, smartphones, tablet computers and other emerging sectors.

“Embedded devices are everywhere, allowing us to communicate and improve aspects of our daily lives,” said Dave DeWalt, president and CEO, McAfee. “These instrumental pieces of our lives also pose a great risk and securing them is imperative.”

“Our customers across nearly all market segments have elevated embedded security to a top priority,” said Ken Klein, president, Wind River.

The two companies expect to begin a phased rollout of their security solutions this year.

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