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Special Closed Session Weekend City Council Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 19th, at 9:00 a.m., Alameda City Council will hold a special weekend closed-session meeting at the Hampton Inn & Suites at 1700 Harbor Bay Parkway in Alameda.

A single item is on the agenda – “3-A PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT (54957) Title: City Manager.”

Last month, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore and Vice-Mayor Rob Bonta formed a subcommittee to select a full-time City Manager to replace former Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant.

The public may provide comment on the agenda item for Council adjourns to closed session. Speakers may address the Council for up to 3 minutes.

6 comments to Special Closed Session Weekend City Council Meeting Tomorrow

  • DHL

    Yep. That’s the candidate interview day, tomorrow. After what, 2 weeks of an open application period. How many highly qualified candidates applied in that time? We’ll know AFTER the meeting just by how long tomorrow’s meeting takes. (no comment!)

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the SUNSHINE? Let the SUNSHINE in!

  • lbaroni

    WHY does the City Council have to spend money (TAXPAYER money) for a meeting room at a hotel, when there are meeting/conference rooms all over City Hall? What a waste of money!

  • Vania

    It only requires one highly qualified candidate. The one endorsed by SunCal. It’s likely the person will be hired with little opportunity for the public to research the person’s background.

    Once hired, that person will be driving the bus under Alameda’s Charter, and that person will be a second set of ears in all closed session meetings. That person will be able to drive the settlement of SunCal’s land use litigation against the city.

    Bend over Alameda.

  • Remember how our New Mayor, after a lengthy discussion in Council of how we needed a CM with experience not only managing a city, but a California city, almost as a non sequitur, suggested that it would be appropriate to consider candidates from the business community?

    Because running a city is just like running a business, right? Same laws, same codes, same everything.

  • carol gottstein

    I think you mean throwing the charter UNDER the bus, Vania, but I agree. Strange that JohnKnoxWhite, now writing “City Council Update” for the AlamedaSun, isn’t asking the tough questions a journalist should (who, what, when, where, & WHY). What exactly are the selection criteria for the members of these community panels? Why are these ranges (10-15 people, 5-10 gps)so ill-defined? Is it 15 citizens on each of 10 “community groups” or 10 on each of 5? Is it even a requirement the participants LIVE here? Since CCmembers each get to make personal selections, & so much campaign support came from out of town, I’d say that’s more than a fair question!
    Wasn’t JKW a Co-CHAIR of the “Sunshine Ordinance Committee”? This whole CM selection process seems inappropriately opaque to me.
    Now is not the time to turn cynical, folks! Let’s demand answers.

    Also, why are CityCouncil & staff enjoying a catered meal @ every CLOSED session in that little room? Couldn’t they just order a pizza?

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